galaxy note 7 burned

Photo via Crushader

Samsung has offered to pay for the damages.

Things keep getting worse for Samsung. After a rash of customer complaints about battery fire and explosion issues with the newly released Galaxy Note 7, the company launched a massive recall. But now, the ones that remain in use are basically ticking time bombs, as one man discovered when his blew up in his hotel room. 

Reddit user Crushader posted his personal Note 7 tragedy, explaining that his brand new Samsung smartphone was charging—with its official charging cable and adapter—in his hotel room as he slept when it exploded. The phone woke him up when it burst into flames, and he knocked the device the floor, burning holes in a bed sheet and smoldering the carpet in the process. 


The phone is a complete loss, and not even the SD card can be salvaged. To put salt in the wound, he’s now facing a bill from the hotel in excess of $1,800 AUD (just under $1,400 U.S.) for the damages. 

Upon notifying Samsung of the unfortunate event, Crushader claims a company representative told him it was the first case of an exploding Note 7 in Australia, though it’s becoming a shockingly regular occurrence worldwide. 

As for the now phone-less Australian man, he says Samsung gave him a loaner phone—presumably while they work on getting a non-exploding version of the Note 7 to him—and that the company has said it will reimburse the hotel for the damages caused to the room. 

Samsung forced to recall Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to battery explosions
If you have a Galaxy Note 7, expect a replacement soon.
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