Cybertruck with disguise and regular cybertruck

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Cybertrucks still can’t recognize other Cybertrucks—4 years after Musk promised they would

The Cybertruck showed up as a sedan.


Marlon Ettinger


A Cybertruck driver driving his Cybertruck noticed that the Cybertruck driving in front of his Cybertruck (which he said was also his Cybertruck) wasn’t recognized as a Cybertruck on Tesla’s touchscreen display.

The display shows a 3D rendering of cars in field of vision in front of the car, part of its self-driving capabilities.

“The Cybertruck doesn’t recognize my other Cybertruck as a truck 🤷🏽‍♂️,” posted @LyftGyft on X on Monday. “It recognized the dodge truck and van.”

Instead of registering the Cybertruck as any sort of Tesla car, it shows up as a basic sedan.

Many users thought the dark, blocky image was the improper rendering of the Cybertruck in front, but the darker image is the original poster’s vehicle, itself a bad rendering of the car.

That led to plenty of jokes from people who wondered why the truck’s software still wasn’t able to recognize another Tesla vehicle—especially since it’s already able to recognize other models of cars and trucks.

Others were surprised someone owned two Cybertrucks.

But one poster pointed to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk promising that the displays would soon show Teslas as their models and color “instead of a generic sedan/SUV.”

“Has potential for a fun punch buggy sort of game,” Musk posted about what he said was a soon-to-come feature. That Musk boast came back in July 2020.

@LyftGyft’s post was a hit on the r/CyberStuck subreddit, where redditors collect stories about mishaps and malapropisms from Cybertrucks and their owners.

One suggested the design of the Cybertruck made it render as a sedan.

“Presumably because the bed lid resembles a sedan’s sloped rear window more that it does the squared-off shape of a pickup or the brick of a van,” wrote one user.

“Did Tesla accidentally make the CyberJunk self aware?” asked u/AdjNounNumbers. “Would be fitting of the first real artificial intelligence was brought about by self loathing.”

The 3D rendering is part of how the truck’s autopilot software works: a camera collects data about the world, models it, then uses software to drive the vehicle through that model of the world, though some redditors who hadn’t encountered it wondered why a driver would want that shown to them.

But one redditor hoped the post would go viral enough to make Musk focus on it.

“Of all the issues with the CyberTruck, this is the one Elmo is going to fixate on. You just know it’s things like this that keep him his engineers up all night, slaving over an OTA software update meanwhile parts are flying off during normal operation and windows are breaking themselves … But the fact that you don’t have a special model for cybertrucks in the software and they don’t identify each other on the road is going to be a 5-alarm fire at Tesla,” they wrote.

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