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Kathleen is a Honolulu-based freelance writer, editor and communications strategist who has been published by the New York Times, Vice, Huffington Post, Hana Hou!, and more. She’s worked in the communication departments at the Honolulu Museum of Art, ACLU of Hawaii and Hawaii Community Foundation. When she’s not writing, she can be found in the ocean, walking her rescue poi dog or oil painting.

woman with long hair at office job man blurred in foreground

‘Men don’t see a person first when they see a woman’: Male co-worker tells TikToker her hair looks better down

‘so simple yet so hard for many to understand.’

On by Kathleen Wong

man in car speaking caption 'DON'T GIVE WOMEN ATTENTION' (l) an holding phone open on Instagram women's profile on yellow background (c) man in car speaking caption 'DON'T GIVE WOMEN ATTENTION' (r)

‘You beta males need to have that same mindset’: Man says you shouldn’t give women attention on social media, sparking debate

‘This guy is so triggered.’

On by Kathleen Wong

workers laughing with manager (l) manager handing employees work items (r) with caption 'When you're vibing with your coworkers but you're also their manager'

‘Alright now go be productive’: Manager posts viral TikTok about ‘vibing’ with your employees

‘I’ll crack jokes with my employees but have no problem handing out assignments.’

On by Kathleen Wong

young woman (l) starbucks creamer pouring into coffee (c) young woman with caption 'yeah starbucks changed the oat milk they use so thats why all your favourite drinks taste like garbage now' (r)

‘Is that why my coffee tasted like expired cough syrup today?’ TikToker claims Starbucks changed oat milk brands, and commenters are raging

‘I’m sad that my fav drink might be ruined.’

On by Kathleen Wong

young woman in cubicle

‘Don’t trust anyone at work’: TikToker strikes a chord with warning about trusting co-workers

Should you trust your coworkers?

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walmart parking lot with caption 'been waiting for 15 mins for someone to bring me my shit now' (l) car steering wheel with caption 'update: still waiting. Decided to turn my car off after 30 mins' (c) Walmart back room with caption 'got laughed at by an employee and ignored. how cute' (r)

‘Used to work in curbside and usually its one person pulling all the weight’: Walmart shopper waits an hour for curbside pickup order

‘Got laughed at by an employee and ignored.’

On by Kathleen Wong

woman with baby on chest sling texting on phone caption '*me responding to a local Facebook post requesting donor breastmilk because her baby can't tolerate formula, she has no donor milk left, and her baby is screaming from hunger*' (l) breast milk kept in containers in fridge (c) woman with baby in chest sling texting on phone caption '*Her telling me my milk is poison because I'm vaccinated and she'd rather let her baby starve*' (r)

‘I would legitimately call CPS over that’: Woman tried to donate her breast milk to a mother in need, but was rejected because she was COVID vaccinated

‘I mean, her loss but poor baby.’

On by Kathleen Wong

woman posing in mirror caption 'bumble let me set my gender as non-binary and now it won't let me message first' (l) bumble logo on yellow background (c) woman greenscreen tiktok over bumble screen 'women make the first move Mikayla has to message you within 24 hours before match expires' caption 'bumble let me set my gender as non-binary and now it won't let me message first' (r)

‘Is this equality?’: TikToker set their gender identity on Bumble to non-binary. Now, the app won’t allow them to message first


On by Kathleen Wong

'Karen' standing in parking space refusing to move (l) Crowd speaking to 'Karen' (c) cars in a row waiting for 'Karen' to move (r)

‘How is she not embarrassed?’: Karen gets booed for trying to hold parking space in viral TikTok

‘The haircut says it all.’

On by Kathleen Wong

man standing holding paper caption 'POV: you are reading the rules of an Airbnb' (l) Airbnb logo on clipboard on red background (c) man sitting on couch reading paper caption 'POV: you are reading the rules of an Airbnb' (r)

‘Airbnb has fallen off the deep end’: Man complains about Airbnb chores and host rules in viral TikTok

‘Hotels are often cheaper, safer, cleaner and nicer.’

On by Kathleen Wong

young woman in room with Bloomberg article inset (l) empty cubicle (c) young woman with 'Corporate Quitter' app inset

TikToker says that despite recession, young workers are at a ‘breaking point’ with corporate jobs in viral video (updated)

‘We don’t care, the money doesn’t matter.’

On by Kathleen Wong

Frontier airplane flying in sky

‘That’s gonna be an expensive Uber’: A woman reportedly flew to Philadelphia on Frontier Airlines to save money. She landed in a completely different state

‘OMG that happened to me.’

On by Kathleen Wong

man walking up to bouncer of strip club arrow pointing to him 'Dakota' (l) woman holding phone with photo of Dakota on screen up to bouncer caption 'Someone's in troooouble!' (c) other man near bouncer of strip club arrow pointing to him 'Todd' (r)

‘You don’t break bro code’: Bouncer lets two women looking for their boyfriends into a strip club, sparking debate

‘U shouldn’t divulge info, patrons deserve their privacy.’

On by Kathleen Wong

Starbucks menu with caption 'throws em off every single time' (l) starbucks drive thru sign (c) young woman in car (r)

‘Can you make it light skin, please?’: Starbucks drive-thru customer asks employee to make her drink ‘light skin like Chris Brown,’ sparking debate

‘I had a regular that ordered “summer Halle berry.”‘

On by Kathleen Wong

Auto Zone worker about to turn key in lock to open door (l) Auto Zone worker walking to window to escape caption 'Part 2 of 'Mandatory Overtime'' (c) Auto Zone worker turning key in lock but it wont open (r)

‘I was trying to leave and the door won’t open’: AutoZone Worker Says He Was Stuck Inside Store In Viral TikTok

‘Can’t pay me enough to sleep overnight in Autozone.

On by Kathleen Wong

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