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‘You beta males need to have that same mindset’: Man says you shouldn’t give women attention on social media, sparking debate

'This guy is so triggered.'


Kathleen Wong


Posted on Jul 14, 2022   Updated on Jul 14, 2022, 5:41 pm CDT

A self-described dating coach on TikTok posted a controversial but viral video where he tells “beta men” to “stop giving women free ATTENTION!” The clip is sparking debate in the comments, with some people saying how “refreshing” his advice is, while others said it “blames women for his own…insecurities.”

Czar Danya (@tripleyourdating) posted the clip on Sunday, where he says: “Most of you men, you have to learn something. If you aren’t sleeping, dating, or messing with a woman, don’t even look at her stories, don’t even like her photos.”

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He continues: “The second I see provocative photos that a girl is posting, unfollow. Because I don’t need that shit. I’m not thirsty and I don’t give out free validation. My attention is very scarce and if you want it, we either have to be dating or shit has to be happening, and you beta males need to have that same mindset, and all these women wouldn’t have inflated egos cause all you guys message them 24/7 on Instagram and comment that you would drink their bathwater and all this other simp shit. Oh my god, I don’t fucking get it.”

As of Thursday, the video has 377,100 views.

Many commenters agreed with his advice.

One user said, “Very refreshing to hear a man say this.”

“Same, no extra attention toward any woman that’s not mine,” commented a TikToker.

“Haha thirsty ass guys it’s very creepy,” another user wrote.

“Am a women and I approve this message,” one TikToker commented.

Others found his advice to be “a bit extreme.”

“It just depends on the situation if I’ve already smashed I’m gonna slide up whenever I want,” another TikToker wrote.

“I don’t message but i like !!! Lol what ? Bro I’m just trying to get my algorithm right,” another wrote.

Some didn’t agree with Danya.

One user said, “It’s like you’re angry that a woman is attractive on social media and you want her but so does every other man. And if only men would not thirst after her she would be less confident and then choose you. It’s crazy. Why did you follow her in the first place? Because u thought u had a chance and got ur feelings hurt that she didn’t give you the time of day. This guy is so triggered and blames women for his own thoughts and insecurities.”

Another TikToker pointed out that even with regular photos, men will bother you on social media. “ON the FLIP side I didn’t have a provocative pic & men were messaging me. It was a regular pic of me smiling. I changed it & messages stopped,” one TikToker commented.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Danya via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2022, 5:40 pm CDT