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Anna is a freelance writer with far too much time on her hands. When she’s not writing about memes and internet slang, she can be found running TTRPGs online.

golden snub nosed monkey

The golden snub-nosed monkey meme: a history

Would you give this sweet little man a berry?

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Pebbling: a love language inspired by penguins

“Nothing says I miss you like the pebbling of a meme”

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Three split of different people showing 'septum arms'

What is the ‘septum arms’ trend taking over TikTok?

TikTokers have made it their mission to define “septum arms.”

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Hawk Tuah Girl(l), Hailey Welch talking(r)

‘Hawk Tuah’ girl says she’s now ‘paranoid of being kidnapped’ after viral fame

“And I’m little, too, so I can’t really defend myself with big people or nothing like that.”

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woman with bag of items with caption 'if you asked me what a speech therapist does, I'd say.....' (l) 'I help kids talk.' (c) 'Ask me on a deeper level...I'd say...' (r)

The ‘if you asked me on a deeper level’ meme on TikTok, explained

“If you asked me on a deeper level, I would say…”

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What's The 'Gen Z Boss And A Mini' Video

That viral ‘Gen Z boss in a mini’ video is peak corporate cringe

“Zoomer women on their way to pretend Millennials are more cringe than them (they are exactly the same)”

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19 theory tiktok

What is the ’19 Theory’ all over TikTok about?

“My grandmother is 85 and still talks about the guy she dated when she was 19.”

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Girl in White tube top dancing (three split)

White tube top girl’s viral TikTok dance turns her into a meme

“How do I achieve this build?”

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Hands cheersing margaritas

Couple’s unique way of drinking margaritas at Rodeo Mexican restaurant goes viral

At least he, uh…used a funnel?

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The Real Sketch with psychedelic background

‘That was me’—Twitch streamer Sketch OnlyFans scandal, explained

“I f**ked up, but I’m changed.”

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yourrage eye injury

‘I am so lucky’—Streamer YourRAGE gives update on grisly eye injury

“That’s going to need a lot of time to heal. It’s bad.”

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nice try diddy

Why people are commenting ‘Nice Try, Diddy’ on social media

Nice try, feds.

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Three split of man boxing against pregnant wife

That viral kirramahaley_ gender reveal boxing TikTok, explained

“Everyday we see a new reason why ‘Idiocracy’ is becoming a documentary.”

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Lily Allen(l), Lily Allen's feet covered up with italian heart

Lily Allen has started selling photos of her feet on OnlyFans

“Harriet, my nail lady, said that I could make a lot of money from selling foot content on OnlyFans”

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Three split of people posing for camera

My favorite animal is me when… TikTok trend explained

“my favorite animal is me when I get paid”

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