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illustration of chelsea manning looking at viewer Chelsea Manning punished in prison for old toothpaste, Vanity Fair magazine
Manning's attorney wasn't allowed to attend the hearing.
Julian Assange U.K. and Ecuador exchange accusations over Julian Assange's case
Assange has been hiding at Ecuador's embassy for more than three years.
The 21 books and magazines they won't let Chelsea Manning read in prison
Chelsea Manning is currently facing solitary confinement for infractions like having expired toothpaste in her cell.
julian assange Why Julian Assange has no plans to exit the embassy in London
WikiLeaker's founder has well-grounded fears of being extradition to the U.S. for espionage.
Security cameras Worldwide Wave at Surveillance Day wants you to gesticulate against the machine
The easy and fun way to protest mass surveillance.
Humpty Dumpty holding Bitcoin in front of Russian flag Inside the bizarre site that claims to sell Russia's secrets
It's called the Exchange of Information, and you might be surprised what you can buy there.
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