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sketchy art of donald trump Donald Trump says he'd send all Syrian refugees back if elected
'We have no idea who they are. We have no idea where they come from.'
Obama praises social media's power to 'expose corruption' in U.N. speech
'You can control access to information, but you can’t lie about truth.'
Atlan and Rose Teen refugee carried this puppy 300 miles to escape Syria
Sometimes it takes one story to make a tragic narrative relatable.
Syrian refugee Body of another child refugee has washed ashore in Turkey
Nearly 3,000 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year.
Syrian flag over Damascus The real reason why Germany is closing its border to Syrian refugees
Border politics aren't all they seem.
uU4U6w4.jpg (1124×748) Stop shaming Syrian refugees for using cellphones
When in danger, a smartphone could be a lifeline.