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Amina Arraf, a gay girl in Damascus
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The disappearance of Amina Arraf, a gay girl in Damascus
She was a lesbian activist and blogger, writing eloquently about the war in Syria. She was lauded and brave. The only problem? She wasn’t real.
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abstract art of the turkish flag Turkey slams U.S. over photos of American troops wearing Kurdish patch
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called the images 'unacceptable.'
Map of the middle-east region of Syria - outer edges blurred to increase focus on the center of the image. U.S. forces anger Turkey by wearing Kurdish patches while fighting ISIS
Tensions are rising with Turkey, a NATO ally, based on something as simple as patches.
Drones on the battlefield The persistent fog of war in the age of smartphones
Do all these new cameras on the battlefield help us see war any more clearly?
Mykki Blanco High School Never Ends Rapper Mykki Blanco queers 'Romeo and Juliet' in new video
'High School Never Ends' addresses homophobia, violence, and the Syrian refugee crisis.