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illustration of edward snowden Can Edward Snowden vote in the 2016 elections?
An estimated 5.85 million Americans will be denied the right to vote in the 2016 presidential elections.
JGL donates snowden money Joseph Gordon-Levitt uses 'Snowden' money to fund tech-and-democracy project
HitRECord wants to know what you think about privacy and government.
woman holding up an edward snowden mask As politicians debate encryption, super-secure operating system Tails is more popular than ever
Since Edward Snowden endorsed it in June 2013, the use of Tails has skyrocketed.
illustration of edward snowden 4 ways getting snowed in is exactly like being Edward Snowden
This whistleblower can relate to being inside all day and trying not to die of boredom.
The 10 best privacy tools of 2016
Take control of your online life.
We interviewed Air Bud about cybersecurity policy
We had no idea that the dog best known for his basketball skills was also a tech-policy aficionado.