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mason jar Get back at your enemies by sending them a fart in a jar
Breaking wind and breaking souls.
flamingos This insane Facebook thread reveals just how weird the suburbs are
A town torn apart by poultry politics.
apple products in bathtub Woman dumps cheating boyfriend's Apple gear into a bathtub
Imagine finding out on Twitter that this is what your cheating earned you.
Xnnhe1k.jpg (1254×836) In historic ruling, revenge porn kingpin sentenced to 18 years in prison
The founder of also owes $10,000 to his victims.
blackrock mountain cards Everything you need to know about the final Blackrock Mountain cards
The grand unveiling has come, and we're here to help.
laptop Did this woman really send her ex-boyfriend a NSFW revenge selfie on FaceTime?
Her jilted ex allegedly posted the exchange online. It's now going viral.