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‘I’m a customer now, I can do whatever I want’: Walmart worker gets fired without notice, goes back to store to get revenge

'They probably miss me.'


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Posted on Nov 28, 2023   Updated on Nov 28, 2023, 12:16 pm CST

One former Walmart worker came up with a very petty way to exact revenge on his employer after he said they fired him without proper notice.

In a viral video that has racked up over 180,000 views, TikTojer Ray (@raymeetsworid) returned to the store as a customer to express his dismay with actions, not words.

“POV: The petty worker going back to the job that fired them,” read the clip’s on-screen caption.

In the clip, Ray could be seen in a Walmart store with a cart, but he made it clear that he had no intentions of shopping.

“They fired me on short notice, so you know I have to come back and make a mess,” he began.

He then perused different isles in the store to decide where he would like to start the mayhem.

“Whoever they hired for zoning in toys, they’re doing a pretty good job,” he said before taking items from the shelf and placing them on the floor.

The former Walmart worker even found a large pumpkin and added it to the collection of “unwanted” items.

“I don’t want this either,” he continued.

And his antics didn’t stop there.

Ray rode on a tiny tricycle and then put it in the wrong place on the store’s bike rack. He also left another pumpkin there as well.

“I’m a paying customer; I can do whatever I want,” he said.

In the store’s exercise equipment section, the TikToker tried out various weights and also left them on the wrong shelves. He even rode a stationary bike that was on a very high shelf.

Eventually, it became clear that the whole jig was a joke.

“Even though I got to work late every single day, I left early every single day, I took three-hour lunches every single day, my department was always finished,” he explained.

In a follow-up video, Ray said, “I was making a mess joking around,” but then another shopper actually left items on the floor as well, apparently following the example he had set.

“Imma put this back where it goes,” he concluded.

He did clean up the mess he made.

In the comments section, some viewers appreciated the point of view, even if it was just a joke.

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“Getting promoted to customer is the best feeling when visiting Walmart,” one viewer wrote.

“YES! Be petty,” another added.

However, some said they would not want to make the jobs of their former co-workers harder.

“Even though I hate Walmart (they did me wrong), I couldn’t do this to the employees now management would be a different story,” a viewer commented.

It is likely the Walmart worker is still employed with the company. Back in October, the prolific TikToker announced that he was fired from the store, but he appears to still be working there based on his latest content.

The Daily Dot reached out to Raymeetsworid via TikTok comment and Walmart by email for more information.

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2023, 6:30 pm CST