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‘She drank it up’: Former Dutch Bros. worker shares how she secretly got revenge on customers

'Let me explain why you should not ask a Dutch Bros. worker what kind of drink is their favorite.'


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Posted on Mar 27, 2024   Updated on Mar 26, 2024, 1:38 pm CDT

When you picture someone tampering with a drink, many disturbing images might come to mind.

One former Dutch Bros. Coffee employee says she once took revenge on a rude customer, not by messing with a drink she ordered, but by offering her a “new beverage” that was heavy on sugar and fatty “ice cream milk.”

In the video posted to TikTok by Clarissa (@clarizzatharizza), she describes her Mean Girls-level fakeout in which she offers a beverage made with “the most fattening milk” that she had on hand to a customer who she says was rude and did not tip.

“If you’re working at Dutch Bros., you cannot be rude to the customers, so I kind of found a way to be rude to the customers with my drinks,” she says in the video. “Let me explain why you should not ask a Dutch Bros. worker what kind of drink is their favorite.”

Clarissa says this particular drive-thru customer was immediately rude.

“One time, this one girl came through the drive-thru and she was kind of a b*tch to me, like with her friends and she was this almond girl,” she says. “Towards the end of the transaction, she did not tip, and she kind of laughed when she pressed the ‘do not tip’ button.”

As her own form of revenge, Clarissa says she took the opportunity to offer the customer a specialty beverage on the spot as part of their “happy hour.”

“She was like, ‘Oh my god, no way, I’m going to post this on my Instagram, like, no way,'” Clarissa recalls. “I went ahead and I put down a drink: a large carburetor with ice cream milk, the most fattening milk I could think of. Then I made it extra-extra sweet, with a whipped cream parfait and chocolate and caramel drizzle around the cup and on top, and sugar sprinks, and four shots of espresso.”

The customer had fallen for her plan. “I made this drink, and I gave it to her, and she drank it up,” Clarissa says. “She drank the poison. I would give this drink to a lot of rude customers that I had, it was really stupid.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Clarissa via TikTok direct message and to Dutch Bros. Coffee via email.

Some viewers shared that they similarly messed with drinks when customers were rude or unkind. Others said they also made strange concoctions when customers asked what their favorite drink is.

“I’d just give them decaf,” one commenter wrote. “Or skip the shots in a dirty chai.”

“i would make rebels with the most horrendous syrups ever,” another said.

“I used to give unsweetened tea to rude customers,” a third claimed.

@clarizzatharizza I would power trip over this #dutchbros ♬ original sound – ClarissaJeanne

Others wrote that they fully understood where Clarissa was coming from when she decided to make the drink that way for a rude customer.

“No bc i get it when i get rude customers i put extra chocolate if they order mocha and its just overbearingly sweet so they usually complain ab it and just leave,” one wrote.

“as a barista this is so real i get it,” another commented.

“I would sf vanilla your ass and nonfatmilk because it’s more watery don’t fuck with your barista,” a further user said.

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*First Published: Mar 27, 2024, 12:00 am CDT