Woman gets revenge on man who broke up with her to focus on getting in the NFL

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‘Looks like only one of us made it’: Woman gets revenge on man who broke up with her to focus on getting in the NFL

'Giving up a 10 just for her to live your dreams is CRAZY.'


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Posted on Feb 12, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:37 pm CST

Hannah, a sports and lifestyle influencer on TikTok (@hannahannfit) says she once got dumped by a man because he wanted to concentrate all of his efforts on making it as an NFL player.

Presumably heartbroken by his decision, she posted how her career pursuits ended up yielding her a double-dip revenge scenario. Not only is she living out her dreams in a field she loves, but she actually made it to the NFL before he did–something that she pointed out in a viral TikTok slideshow.

The first slide of Hannah’s short TikTok image montage shows her frowning into the camera. A text overlay reads: “him: i’m breaking up with you because i need to focus on making it to the NFL”

The next image is of her rocking a Tampa Bay Buccaneers-branded shirt tucked into black pants. She’s rocking a pass with a lanyard on it, along with a headset.

In a follow-up video, she records herself sitting in a cubicle that’s also branded with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers decorative banner, and a sticker repping the team plastered on a cabinet behind her.

This also isn’t the first time she’s uploaded a double-image slideshow making fun of her ex for not getting drafted into the NFL. In another TikTok video, she posted a picture of herself in a white dress and a graduation cap holding numerous lanyards and a football, with an overlay that states: “What have you done with your sports marketing degree?” The second image is of her on a field, smiling. The second overlay reads: “Made it to the NFL before your man did.”

One commenter responded to Hannah’s video stating that there is a stark difference between getting a “corporate” job with the NFL and being drafted as a player on a team. Someone assumed that she was a nurse for the league, and she hopped online to clarify that she doesn’t work in the healthcare industry.

She went on to respond to the comment with another video, explaining that she’s not a nurse but a marketing professional who was hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to help put together a variety of entertainment-themed initiatives for the team that fans can enjoy during live games.

“I just wanted to come on here and clarify that I am not a nurse, I am actually a marketing professional,” she says. “I worked with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently doing events and entertainment. So essentially I helped plan events throughout the organization, and I helped plan our pre-game and halftime shows for our home game. I know a lot of people had a lot of questions.”

Hannah also agreed with the TikToker that becoming an NFL player is more difficult than getting a marketing job in the league, but she still thinks it’s important to not discredit her accomplishments as jobs in the industry are highly sought-after positions.

“I have been working in the sports industry for about four years and I started in my college’s athletic department, but yes, you’re correct. Becoming an NFL player is way harder than working in the league. I definitely agree with you,” she says. “But I also don’t want anybody to discredit women or men who work in the league because getting a job in the NFL is actually very hard as well.”

One commenter supported Hannah’s sentiments, writing: “They don’t get it!! every position in the big leagues is so competitive and requires a lot of experience/networking!”

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Another replied that she “won” after getting dumped by being able to work with the NFL and post about her ex online to let him know that. “But still she gets paid to be at the game, that guy paying money to sit in the arena. She still won,” they wrote.

Someone else said that statistically speaking, there are fewer roles in marketing and social media for the league than there are positions for players. “Sport management major, attorney now. People don’t understand that there are more NFL player positions than marketing/social media roles in the NFL,” they claimed.

A further commenter had a similar experience to Hannah’s. “Mine broke up w me to pursue his rap career. I’m in the studio as we speak,” they said.

Someone else remarked that her revenge was just too brutal for anyone to deal with: “aw nahh giving up a 10 just for her to live your dreams is CRAZY, I’d be tying the rope atp.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hannah via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 12, 2024, 6:00 pm CST