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jake and sam in day 5 Step into a world where sleep equals death in Rooster Teeth's 'Day 5'
Plus: A bonus podcast with director Josh Flanagan.
The People's Horse The race to crowdfund a future Triple Crown winner has already raised $37,000
Ever wanted to own a racehorse? Now you can for a very small amount of money.
WuTang symbol on Bill Murray and Martin Shkreli pattern There is now a musical about Martin Shkreli, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Bill Murray
One of the greatest stories never told is now a musical.
paul salo 9/11 redux Indiegogo removes ghastly $1.5 million campaign to 'recreate' 9/11
What a networking opportunity.
Man in tinfoil hat pointing out crime scene "irregularities" Awake Social, the Facebook for truthers, is coming
Awake Dating is crowdfunding for a social media site.