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landscape of tattooine Google's latest 'Star Wars' Easter egg is all about that opening crawl
It's as iconic as the music that plays alongside it.
Google Maps has the ultimate travel option for 'Game of Thrones' fans
Catch the next one out of "Snowdonia Dragon Station."
Promotional illustration from Bethesda Softworks. Wolfenstein has a literal grammar Nazi
The original grammar Nazis.
Did you notice these Easter eggs in your favorite Pixar films?
Either Pizza Planet really loves making deliveries, or Pixar really loves self-references.
Freeze frame of film showing a visual reference to My Neighbor Totoro on the spine of a book, with Totoro himself superimposed over the image, grinning at the viewer Whimsical supercut reveals all the Easter eggs in Studio Ghibli films
Like Pixar, Ghibli apparently loves its little in-jokes.