Elizabeth Hurley and her nephew on Easter


Elizabeth Hurley’s Easter tweet leaves us with more questions than answers

There were a lot of ‘Game of Thrones’ GIFs.


Audra Schroeder


On Sunday, like many of us, Elizabeth Hurley posted a celebratory Easter photo. Unlike many of us, it featured the Hollywood star cuddling with her very attractive nephew who was apparently bleeding from a stab wound.

Hurley posted the photo on Sunday morning, writing that she was thankful her nephew Miles Hurley was still alive because he’d recently been stabbed in London and the person or people who stabbed him were still at large. The stabbing reportedly took place on March 8, after Miles and another 21-year-old were involved in a minor car accident and got in an argument with the people in the other vehicle.

Perhaps your first thought was, “Wow, his wound is still oozing nearly a month later? That seems bad.” But people’s minds went other places after taking in this tweet. While some commented that they’re glad he’s OK, others went right to the Game of Thrones GIFs.


Others were more generally confused.


Others took issue with Hurley’s passive-aggressive suggestion that the “knifemen” are still at large and might stab your loved ones next, followed by “Happy Easter xx.”

On Instagram, however, the message was a little different. The “Perhaps around your loved ones” line was replaced with a call for more police on the streets and harsher sentencing for carrying lethal weapons. She posted info on the assailants on March 20.

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