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What each state Googled more than any other in 2016

You may not like what you’re about to see.


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

Few things are more revealing (and terrifying) than a Google search history. It details our ignorance, curiosities, and obsessions in equal measure—what we’re really thinking about and what we desperately need. If you zoom out far enough, it shows you the pulse of a nation, and for 2016, it’s unflattering to say the least. 

Following up its popular infographic from last year, Estately has pulled together what each state Googled more than any other in 2016. Unsurprisingly, the year in search was dominated by those we lost: Prince, Merle Haggard, Craig Sager, David Bowie, Abe Vigoda, Arnold Palmer, Muhammad Ali, and yes, Harambe, among others.

But a closer look reveals some unsettling details, like Alaska’s apparent interest in Pizzagate, a dangerous and blatantly false conspiracy theory that tied Hillary Clinton to sexual exploitation of children, and “Mr. T dead,” a hoax that was especially popular in Tennessee. At least Missouri has its priorities in order (“McDonald’s breakfast all day”). 

You can find the full, detailed list of each terms on Estately’s site, but you might not like what you find.

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