Hillary Clinton speaking into a microphone.

Conspiracy theorists think this video shows Hillary Clinton leading an intergalactic space cult

Unsurprisingly, neither Satanism, cults, or intergalactic rituals are mentioned at any point in the video.

On Sep 13, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

Moscow, Russia - February 02, 2021: Logotype of the oil company ' Transneft ' in Moscow City near headquarter.

Hacked documents reveal great lengths Russian companies are going to fight growing hacktivism wave

The 79 GB data trove shows the company's response to U.S. sanctions and hack attacks.

On Mar 17, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

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Republican radio host botches Delta variant meme by saying his fall plans are to be a pedophile

Jesse Kelly's attempt at the 'My Fall Plans / Delta Variant' meme goes terribly wrong.

On Aug 13, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Conspiracy theorists are blaming the Clintons after Haitian president’s assassination

The term 'Clintons' began trending on Twitter after the death of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.

On Jul 7, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

QAnon congresswoman endorsed ‘Frazzledrip,’ debunked theory of Hillary Clinton eating a baby

The conspiracy theorists also showed support for executing Democrat politicians.

On Jan 26, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

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Women of the internet salute Hillary Clinton on Inauguration Day

She attended the inauguration in purple.

On Jan 20, 2021 by Claire Goforth

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Video shows Trump supporters chanting ‘lock her up’ outside Hillary Clinton’s house

Is it 2016?

On Dec 7, 2020 by Claire Goforth

hillary clinton 2016 warning

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 ‘warning’ about how Trump acts when ‘things are not going in his direction’ resurfaces

'Wow, Hillary Clinton knew this was going to happen.'

On Nov 7, 2020 by Eilish O'Sullivan

Hillary Clinton

This Hillary Clinton birthday tweet is giving everyone 2016 flashbacks

The last time she made a similar tweet, it did not end well.

On Oct 20, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

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4 years ago today, Trump made fun of Clinton for catching pneumonia

Talk about timing.

On Oct 2, 2020 by Claire Goforth

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Trump claims Biden called criminals ‘superpredators’ in the ’90s—it was actually Hillary Clinton

Twitter fact-checked Trump on his 'superpredators' line since Chris Wallace wouldn't.

On Sep 29, 2020 by Claire Goforth

New Paltz police officer Robert Sisco transphobic rap in squad car

New York police officer put on administrative leave after filming transphobic rap

Robert Sisco doesn't have a promising policing—or rap—career ahead.

On Jun 18, 2020 by Bryan Rolli

Jessica Prim's Facebook live stream

Woman arrested with car full of knives after threatening Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

She streamed the arrest on Facebook Live.

On Apr 30, 2020 by Bryan Rolli

hillary clinton staffers zoom call bernie sanders

Former Clinton staffers planned Zoom call to celebrate Bernie dropping out

They originally dubbed it the 'Bye, bye Bernard' call.

On Apr 8, 2020 by Allyson Waller

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Hillary Clinton dubbed ‘petty’ over America First coronavirus tweet

The U.S. surpassed Italy and China to become the country with the world's most known coronavirus cases.

On Mar 28, 2020 by Eilish O'Sullivan