The best Untitled Goose Game memes

You cannot escape the goose.

Oct 1, 2019, 11:13 am

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Nahila Bonfiglio 

Nahila Bonfiglio

untitled goose game memes


Untitled Goose Game has quickly taken over the internet. If you’ve picked up this goofy puzzle game, chances are you’ve struggled to put it back down. Nearly everyone who’s played the recent House House release is obsessed with it, sharing stories of their exploits as a slightly bothersome goose irritating the inhabitants of an English village.

Untitled Goose Game, which was released on Sept. 20, has a very simple premise. The game puts players in control of an irksome goose as it honks, flaps, and steals its way through the game’s setting in a simple English village. As players accomplish objectives—gently irritating the village inhabitants—they can unlock new areas of the village to traverse.

As popular things on the internet are want to do, Untitled Goose Game quickly spawned memes. Then, as it gained a robust following, the memes evolved. Now the internet is awash with goose-themed memes, paying homage to the simple, silly game that everyone is playing.

Untitled Goose Game memes

Untitled Goose Game memes u/ohthatkat/Reddit

Untitled Goose Game memes u/ksajmi/Reddit

untitled goose game Twitter//NickolaiBoulton

Conversations around Untitled Goose Game picked up online after model and author Chrissy Teigen jumped on the bandwagon. Once she joined the ranks of the mildly irritating goose army, there was no turning back.

goose game Twitter/chrissyteigen

Fan art memes

Even before Teigen was on-board, hundreds of players were sharing their in-game experiences through amusing posts and clever memes. 2019’s most unexpectedly popular game even spawned fan art.

Untitled Goose Game - fan art u/Warden_Artemis/Reddit

UGG - Honk meme @AWDtwit/Twitter

UGG - peace never an option @erkshnrt/Twitter

UGG - fan art @SarahBecan/Twitter

Untitled Goose Game Twitter reactions

The reach of the goose has been spreading for weeks, unchecked. Now, popular games like Borderlands 3 and highly anticipated upcoming releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have taken a backseat to a game starring a goose. That’s 2019 for you.

goose game memes Twitter/attacus_au

untitled goose game Twitter/heyshanmurphy


untitled goose Twitter/existentialcoms

Gradually, the game’s titular goose was worked into old meme formats and references to Vine. You cannot escape the goose. The goose is everywhere.

Honk Malone u/blessedmilkcow/Reddit

Untitled Goose Game memes @henlo_ko/Twitter

There’s even a goose version of the ‘woman yelling at cat meme’—with the goose in place of the cat at the dinner table.

untitled goose Twitter/crd

And the goose as the ‘stonks’ businessman. (Honks, not stonks!)


goose memes Twitter/MokkaQuill

Here’s a recreation of the boy running with a knife viral video:

The goose in song

A few people have even been on the hunt for the game’s perfect soundtrack. “Juice” by Lizzo and “Misbehavin'” from The Righteous Gemstones are both contenders.

Real-life geese have seemingly taken the game’s premise as a challenge, as evidenced by this recent news story of a goose smashing a taxi window.


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