The intersection of the internet and the state.

Facebook suspends #WalkAway founder over InfoWars link
Conservative personalities rallied behind the activist.
Trump’s 9/11 fist pump inspires Photoshop meme battle on Twitter
Fighting absurdity with absurdity.
NRA blames Black shooting victim Botham Jean for not having a gun
Dana Loesch has some interesting thoughts on the Dallas shooting.
Reddit bans popular QAnon forum Great Awakening
It's the second forum to have been banned since the conspiracy launched.
Family of officer who killed neighbor Botham Jean says they’re not racist
Internet detectives have found a photo of her mom wearing an 'All Lives Matter' shirt.
How Europe’s Copyright Directive could change the future of the internet
The controversial Copyright Directive aims to protect creators.
Democratic socialist Julia Salazar says she was ‘outed’ as a sexual assault survivor by conservative site
'I strongly believe sexual assault survivors should not be outed in this way.'
Russian bots helped fueled the fight against Obamacare on Twitter
The linked accounts sent out nearly 10,000 tweets.
The Mac App Store may not be nearly as secure as you think
The apps designed to keep you safe might be the worst.
Donald Trump Jr. blasts Joe Scarborough over 9/11 column
Scarborough wrote that Trump was a 'far graver threat' to America than terrorism.
Trump has no idea how to honor 9/11
Trump's weird pose on the way to a memorial service is making the rounds on the internet.
Trump Jr. has a theory about who wrote the anonymous op-ed
He also blasted the author of the anonymous op-ed.
Twitter is sharing powerful stories about where they were during 9/11
A viral tweet tells the human stories behind the attacks.