The intersection of the internet and the state.

Watch an Amazon Prime Air drone deliver its first package in the U.S.
The drone reportedly carried and delivered a package containing sunscreen.
Apple says its computers are no longer vulnerable to the CIA’s alleged spying methods
The agency allegedly used four hacks dating back to 2009.
GOP’s Obamacare replacement dies before House vote
This is a major blow to President Trump.
Congressman alleges White House is meddling in Russia investigation
Rep. Adam Schiff said he believes an open hearing was cancelled due to 'pushback from the White House'
Paul Manafort volunteers to meet with Congress over Russia ties
Manafort was Trump's campaign manager until August 2016.
Congress calls on FBI to find 22 missing teens of color in D.C.
Activists worry #MissingDCGirls could be victims of sex trafficking.
The Trumps are exactly like the Bluths from ‘Arrested Development’
This comparison between the Trumps and the Bluths from 'Arrested Development' is astoundingly good.
Trump issues ultimatum to strong-arm House Republicans into supporting AHCA
The President wants the vote to take place on Friday.
Police in the U.S. have killed 275 people in the first three months of 2017
The Killed By Police database mines news sites for reports of police killings.
Trump gloating about Colin Kaepernick not getting a job is nothing short of economic terrorism
There's a long history of blacks peacefully protesting—then whites doubling down on oppression.
This parkour drone film looks just like a classic video game
Temple Run fans need to check this out.
Report: RNC used former Russian spy to dig up Clinton dirt
RNC intended to prove conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and her work while secretary of state.
Oklahoma lawmaker thinks rape can ‘bring beauty from ashes’
'Rape and incest could be part of God's will.'
Trump had the time of his life in a parked truck, and #TrumpTruck was born
Just like his healthcare act, #TrumpTruck is in park.
Shooting of former Russian lawmaker marks second Putin-critic death this week
Russia denies it had any connection to the deaths.