Man with Wikipedia logo for head raises arms as money falls around him

Wikipedia is swimming in money—why is it begging people to donate?

The site is way richer than it wants you to know.

On May 24, 2021 by Andreas Kolbe

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Twitter joins CISA opposition ahead of Senate vote on the controversial cyber bill

Privacy groups say CISA provides inadequate protections for Americans’ personal data.

On Oct 20, 2015 by Eric Geller

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Wikimedia Foundation officially condemns ‘right to be forgotten’

Wikipedia’s spoiling for a brawl with the European Court of Justice.

On Aug 6, 2014 by Rob Price

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Major Wikipedia donors accused of conflict-of-interest editing

Wikimedia Foundation says there’s no way to scan activities of 2 million donors.

On Mar 21, 2014 by Tim Sampson

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Wikipedia considering rule change to expose paid editors

Amendment would require paid Wikipedians to disclose affiliations.

On Mar 14, 2014 by Tim Sampson

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Wikimedia staffer loses job over edit-for-cash scandal

Wikipedians allege Sarah Stierch edited the crowdsourced encyclopedia on behalf of paying clients.

On Jan 9, 2014 by Tim Sampson

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Is Google accidentally killing Wikipedia?

For the first time in years, Wikipedia’s traffic fell. Are the site’s days numbered? 

On Jan 8, 2014 by Joe Kloc

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Why Wikipedia needs paid editing

Paid edits do and will take place on Wikipedia. It’s time to find a long-term compromise. 

On Dec 16, 2013 by [email protected]

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Wikipedia Zero: All the world’s information, no Internet access needed

The Wikimedia Foundation is working with telecoms to bring digital information to the developing world.

On Nov 9, 2013 by Miles Klee

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Where does your Wikipedia donation go? Outgoing chief warns of potential corruption

The same people dishing out Wikimedia’s millions of dollars in grants are directly benefiting from them.

On Oct 17, 2013 by Tim Sampson

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Wikipedia faces revolt over VisualEditor

Wikipedia’s VisualEditor was supposed to solve a problem, but instead, it’s caused one of its own.

On Sep 24, 2013 by Tim Sampson

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How Wikimedia Commons became a massive amateur porn hub

Exhibitionists have used the Commons as their personal playground, turning the repository into a sprawling junkyard of disturbing photos and videos. 

On Jun 25, 2013 by Kevin Morris

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Sue Gardner, who oversaw Wikipedia’s rise, is leaving

Gardner took the nonprofit that runs Wikipedia from a tiny group working out of a shopping center in St. Petersburg, Fla., to a fundraising behemoth with nearly $50 million in assets.

On Mar 28, 2013 by Kevin Morris

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Wikimedia makes changes after promotional scandal

Wikimedia U.K. recently released a report of its findings containing more than 50 recommendations for how the organization can improve its impartiality and transparency.

On Feb 21, 2013 by Tim Sampson

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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales breaks silence on resurgence of promotional scandal

The small British territory of Gibraltar is once again finding its way to the front page of Wikipedia’s Did You Know section. 

On Oct 25, 2012 by Fernando Alfonso III

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