tracy morgan today interview

Tracy Morgan says he’s doing ‘coronavirus role play’ with his wife

Things took a turn…

On Apr 7, 2020 by David Britton

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MAGA hat-wearing dog finishes last in ‘Today Show’ fan vote—still named winner

It’s 2016 all over again.

On Feb 19, 2020 by Claire Goforth

Hoda Kotb joins the 'Today' show as a co-host

Hoda Kotb makes sparkling debut as ‘Today’s new co-anchor

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie are the first female duo to anchor the ‘Today’ show.

On Jan 2, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

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Check out 9-year-old Katie Ledecky meeting Michael Phelps for the first time

Even before she had Olympic gold, Katie Ledecky was cooler than all of us.

On Aug 11, 2016 by Lyz Lenz

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‘Today’ ladies get very handsy with Tongan Olympian Pita Taufatofua

Put down the coconut oil, Hoda.

On Aug 10, 2016 by Lyz Lenz

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Obama says he was totally kidding about eating exactly 7 almonds a night

Well, nuts.

On Jul 28, 2016 by Alexandra Samuels

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‘The Today Show’ anchors’ ‘Peanuts’ costumes are the stuff of nightmares

Good grief!

On Oct 30, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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Rachel Dolezal on the ‘Today Show’: ‘I identify as black’

The former NAACP chapter president sat down with Matt Lauer for her first interview.

On Jun 16, 2015 by Marisa Kabas

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What is National Eat What You Want Day and why is it so lame?

Shouldn’t Eat What You Want Day be, like, every day?

On May 11, 2015 by Nayomi Reghay

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Al Roker gets a ‘Fifty Shades’-inspired BDSM makeover

Despite all the nipple tassels, Roker was a good sport about the whole thing.

On Feb 17, 2015 by Greg Seals

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YouTube pranksters learn why staging a child abduction is an awful thing to do

Police chief claims “there’s no law against stupid.” 

On Apr 17, 2014 by Audra Schroeder

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Animal advocates call for ‘Today Show’ to bring back pet adoption segment

The segment, canceled last month, had a 100 percent adoption success rate.

On Nov 26, 2013 by Lisa Granshaw

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Homeless coder released from jail, ready to finish app and appear on ‘Today Show’

Leo, who’s been working on an app with coder Patrick McConlogue, was picked up for trespassing in a park Monday.

On Oct 15, 2013 by Gaby Dunn

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When no one’s watching, morning TV hosts start fat-shaming

When Karl Stefanovic couldn’t think of a smarter way to mock someone’s body, he used a 15-year-old movie quote.

On Aug 5, 2013 by Kris Holt

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Daily Fluff: Tiny puppy was first in line for One Direction

Clyde just had to catch the British boy band on the Today show.

On Nov 15, 2012 by [email protected]

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