What is National Eat What You Want Day and why is it so lame?

On Monday morning, the Today Show announced that May 11 was National Eat What You Want Day. Some people got into the spirit of the “holiday,” posting photos of their favorite indulgent treats on Instagram.

Cheers to National Eat What You Want Day because now I can say it’s not too early for a slice of Chocolate Red Wine Berry Mini Cake 🍰🎉

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Just heard that today is #eatwhatyouwantday – good thing bc @kenpeltzer and I ate this whole Gorgonzola and Speck Pizze (and a whole salami picante pie, too 🙌🏼)

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But most people were just baffled. Sure, we all count calories from time to time, but with the exception of those adhering to strict dietary regimens, or people who wear shock bracelets at the dinner table, most of us don’t have any trouble eating what we want in the first place. So what makes National Eat What You Want Day any different than, like, every other day? 

Apparently, National Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of wellcat.com to help people take a break from the frustrations of our health and diet-obsessed culture. A brief visit to wellcat.com reveals that the Roys have a fondness for creating various random holidays, such as “No Housework Day” and the less relatable “What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day”.

While the silliness of such a day may leave most of us scratching our heads, the biggest fans of National Eat What You Want Day appear to be chain restaurant brands like IHOP and TGIFridays. If nothing else, it’s a perfect excuse for #brands to pimp out their high-calorie menus on social media.

No regrets. #IHOP #EatWhatYouWantDay

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It’s #EatWhatYouWantDay! TGI for all meals? Heck yes! Breakfast, lunch and the midnight snack.”

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Nayomi Reghay

Nayomi Reghay

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