best rpgs on switch featured - final fantasy

10 best RPGs on Switch: All the hottest new arrivals

Switch up your collection with these hot new additions.

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It’s settled: These are the 10 best Settlers of Catan expansion packs

If you’ve exhausted the base game, it’s time for an expansion pack.

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indie games on switch featured

The best indie games on Nintendo Switch right now

Don’t miss the biggest new games to hit the indie scene.

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Pokemon Day Feature Image

Treat yourself to the best Pokémon products for National Pokémon Day

It’s Go time.

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lolita fashion looks

What is Lolita fashion? How to achieve the perfect look

From gothic Lolita to the classical style, let us guide you through the latest fashions.

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lego advent calendars

The best LEGO advent calendars to count down to Christmas

Channel your inner kid with the best LEGO advent calendars around.

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mc hawking stephen hawking fear of a black hole

Here’s the world premiere of MC Hawking’s new music video, ‘Fear of a Black Hole’

MC Hawking returns with his first music video since 2004.

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ThinkGeek’s celebrating its 18th birthday with massive markdowns

Nerd up your life on the cheap.

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‘Who is Alex Trebek?’ disses the ‘Jeopardy!’ host for hating on nerdcore

A who’s-who of nerdcore torched Trebek for disrespecting a fan.

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Alex Trebek savagely destroys contestant’s hobby with one word


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Why Ben Stein is a disgrace to nerds everywhere

America’s favorite bespectacled geek has turned into a monster.

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Behind the fractured folk tales of MC Frontalot’s ‘Question Bedtime’

The godfather of nerdcore made a children’s album—sort of.

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Angry grandpa playing ‘Modern Warfare’ is your new spirit animal

“I’m not yelling!”

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Pharrell’s emotional Oprah moment shows that men can be vulnerable, too

It should be simple and such an easy thing to give and to love and yet so many men struggle to do it.

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Wil Wheaton gives amazing advice to a girl bullied for being a nerd

“Don’t let them make you feel bad because you love a thing.”

On by Michelle Jaworski

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