'Originals' writer debunks fake story behind 'Vampire Diaries' stars 'fun' mugshots

No, the ‘Vampire Diaries’ cast didn’t get arrested for flashing people on a bridge

And it’s not the first time the other side of the story has been told.

On Aug 28, 2023 by Michelle Jaworski

Donald Trump pauses with a serious face during a press conference

‘They let him keep his wig?????’: Ahead of Trump mugshot release, Photoshopped memes go viral

A lot of people are looking forward to seeing this photo.

On Aug 24, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger

ghislaine maxwell giving a speech

Conspiracy theorists would like to see Ghislaine Maxwell’s mugshot

There’s a simple explanation as to why no mugshot has been released.

On Aug 15, 2020 by Mikael Thalen


Women are clamoring to get their photos on a Twitter feed of ‘hot mugshots’

Some women use the exposure to help themselves post bail.

On Feb 27, 2020 by Stacey Ritzen

mugshot makeup tips

This woman got makeup tip requests after her mugshot went viral

The people demand to know how to achieve this flawless look.

On Aug 12, 2018 by Stacey Ritzen

Shaun Wiess mugshot

Twitter is in shock over ‘Mighty Ducks’ star Shaun Weiss’ mugshot

He was arrested for public intoxication.

On Aug 7, 2018 by Onaje McDowelle

mugshots.com owners' mugshots

Mugshots.com owners arrested for extortion, money laundering and identity theft

Check out their own mugshots.

On May 18, 2018 by Tess Cagle

Homepage article image

Jeremy ‘Fine Felon’ Meeks just made his Fashion Week debut

The internet’s ‘devil with angel eyes’ landed a runway gig.

On Feb 14, 2017 by Lauren L’Amie

Homepage article image

Florida man arrested after using ‘Wanted’ poster for Facebook profile pic

That’s not even the worst part.

On Sep 5, 2016 by Austin Powell

Homepage article image

Teen fugitive asks news station to replace her mugshot with more flattering photo

This chick has no chill.

On Aug 29, 2016 by Gabe Bergado

Homepage article image

The Internet has fallen hard for this photogenic ‘prison bae’

All hail the Khaleesi of the Hood.

On May 27, 2016 by Jay Hathaway

Homepage article image

Police forced to remove mugshot from Facebook due to excessive roasting

The comments were savage.

On Dec 10, 2015 by Gabe Bergado

Homepage article image

Miami police snipers are using black people’s mugshots for target practice

What were they thinking?

On Jan 16, 2015 by Dell Cameron

Homepage article image

The Internet is obsessed with a teenage Xanax seller’s mugshot

There’s a new Fine Felon in town, and her name is Alysa Bathrick.

On Dec 3, 2014 by EJ Dickson

Homepage article image

Sean Kory is the new Fine Felon—and he really hates Fox News

All we know about him is that he loves weed and really, really hates Fox News. 

On Nov 3, 2014 by EJ Dickson

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