Donald Trump pauses with a serious face during a press conference

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‘They let him keep his wig?????’: Ahead of Trump mugshot release, Photoshopped memes go viral

A lot of people are looking forward to seeing this photo.


Marlon Ettinger


With the entire internet holding its breath for former President Donald Trump’s mugshot, fake images of Trump getting booked are sweeping the internet.

Trump is flying into Georgia Thursday evening to be processed and charged after an indictment brought against him by Fulton County defense attorney Fani Willis, along with a bevy of associates, charging that he tried to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

One day after the first Republican presidential primary debate, which Trump skipped for a sitdown interview with Tucker Carlson, anticipation has been rising for the release of Trump’s mugshots.

The mugshots of Trump’s associates have shown a scowling Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer; a beaming Jenna Ellis, another member of his legal team; and Sidney Powell, Trump’s “Kraken” attorney who allegedly tried to illegally access voting machines in Coffee County and elsewhere, and they’ve already been splashed across the internet.

One viral edit that received a million views on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, showed Trump’s co-defendants as various Batman villains. 

Trump Mugshot Memes

Then there were the fake Trump mugshots.

The image shows a forlorn-looking Trump in front of a white wall wearing a loose black v-neck T-shirt.

A viral post by @Yslonika puts Trump’s mugshot next to a picture of Mr. Krabs from the Spongebob universe without his shell.

“They let him keep his wig?????” @_lordhefner reacted.

@GettrFatterTony joked that Trump looked like “he caught a drunk and disorderly charge from a 7/11[.]”

Another fake mugshot from @Trump_History45 shows Trump looking steely-eyed at the camera with a full chest decal of an American Eagle in front of a waving American flag.

“Perfect! Already had his Prison Tats,” @RealAlitaGail reacted. “I hear they never have color in there anyway.”

“Is that the eagle he ran from?” joked @TheSylvreWolfe, referencing a GIF of Trump flinching away from a bald eagle after it lunged at him during a photo shoot.

“Trump is getting his 4th tear today,” @TAftermath2020 posted above another fake mug shot, showing a Photoshopped Trump in a “MAGA” durag with diamond studs in his ear and four tear tattoos on his left cheek.

“There’s so many fake mugshot if real one drops we all be like ‘is this real?’” posted @ImMehulOkk, with a meme attached of a granny squinting at a computer screen.

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