Fifty Fifty 'Cupid'

How a sped-up version of Fifty Fifty’s ‘Cupid’ dominated TikTok

Despite a stream of legal troubles this summer, Fifty Fifty’s ‘Cupid’ is still inescapable on TikTok.

On Sep 14, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Suga posing with a drink on the webseries suchwita

The episodes of ‘Suchwita,’ ranked by drink choice

The web series, hosted by BTS’ Suga, allows guests to share a story as they sip on a beverage.

On Jul 3, 2023 by Kayti Burt

Keemstar talking into the camera.

‘It’s hateful and racist’: Keemstar and Void under fire for mocking K-pop star’s suicide in new diss track

The song references late Shinee singer Kim Jong-hyun, who died by suicide in 2017.

On Mar 25, 2021 by Bryan Rolli

cupid shuffle seventeen

‘Cupid Shuffle’ singer says K-pop group Seventeen copied his song

‘It’s funny how Black artists supposed to just shut up.’

On Aug 16, 2020 by Alexandra Samuels

Kpop stars

K-pop fans are trying to take down Dallas Police Department’s snitching app

The app encouraged civilians to snitch on protesters.

On Jun 1, 2020 by Bryan Rolli

bts crashed tikok

Did BTS fans really cause TikTok to crash? (updated)

TikTok now says the link to the song was broken. It’s now fixed.

On Feb 21, 2020 by Audra Schroeder


BTS fans rally around Jungkook after car crash

There seemed to be quite a bit of misinformation around the accident.

On Nov 4, 2019 by Audra Schroeder

BT21 Funko Pops

Add to your BTS merch collection with Funko BT21 Pops

The cutest characters meet everyone’s fave nerdy collectible.

On Nov 1, 2019 by Colette Bennett

Mattel BTS dolls preorder

Mattel’s BTS dolls are finally up for preorder

Each of these boys needs some Luv.

On Jul 17, 2019 by Colette Bennett

jimin bts snl tweet

BTS played ‘SNL’ last night, and Twitter can’t get enough

‘The one with pink hair is adorable.’

On Apr 14, 2019 by Ellen Ioanes

Homepage article image

K-pop star Jennie makes her solo debut—and Twitter is obsessed

Blackpink’s breakout solo star scores a huge viral hit.

On Nov 13, 2018 by Sunny Kim

League of Legends K-pop

This ‘League of Legends’ K-pop video will leave you shook

You have to see it to believe it.

On Nov 5, 2018 by Joseph Knoop

elon musk

How Elon Musk became the target of a K-pop band’s fan base

All he had to do was say the band’s name, and fans sprung into action.

On Jul 5, 2018 by Alex Dalbey

Eyes and mouth made from lack of bubbles in coffee, bear face made from foam in coffee

‘If you don’t love me at my worst’ spawns a great Twitter meme

If you can’t love the first photo, you don’t deserve this meme.

On Apr 4, 2018 by Tiffany Kelly

Homepage article image

K-pop star is so good at making the same face in every selfie that it’s actually scary

How does she do it every single time?

On Mar 24, 2018 by Jay Hathaway

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