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BTS’ RM says he’s lost 33 AirPods

One fan vowed to find them all.


Mikael Thalen


Published Dec 15, 2019   Updated May 19, 2021, 8:23 pm CDT

BTS member Kim Nam-joon, know to his fans as RM, revealed during a recent live stream that he has gone through more than 30 pairs of AirPods.

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While doing a Q&A over the weekend, the rapper responded to a commenter who said they’d lost their AirPods by noting that he had lost countless pairs of his own.

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RM said he believed that he has lost around 33 pairs in total, currently putting him on his 34th pair.

K-pop fans reacted in astonishment at the staggering number.

One fan even calculated that RM has probably spent well over $6,000 on AirPods alone.

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Others questioned where exactly all those AirPods went, while some vowed to find each and every last pair.

“What if he realizes all of his airpods are just under his couch or smth,” Twitter user @BTSBEINGBTSYT wrote.

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Of course, remarks were also made about the star’s wealth given that he has been willing to dish out so much on a product that he will inevitably lose.

“I’ve never even touched an AirPod in my entire life, but Joon has already accomplished losing 33 pairs, incredible,” Twitter user @ChimmyChimney wrote.

But no internet story would be complete without memes. Fans of RM envisioned the singer having to go to the Apple store over and over again.

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The internet doesn’t always react positively when it comes to AirPod-inspired displays of wealth.

Celebrity Chrissy Teigen drew criticism last month after stating her mother likewise went through numerous pairs of AirPods and treated them as if they were “disposable.”

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The subject often leads to controversy given the environmental impact AirPods have as well.

But accidentally losing your AirPods isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Some users have reportedly misplaced their wireless earbuds by swallowing them. In one case, however, a man claimed he was eventually able to retrieve his undigested pair.

But not everyone swallows their AirPods on accident. Earlier this year, YouTubers began swallowing their AirPods in a desperate attempt to gain viral stardom.


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*First Published: Dec 15, 2019, 3:59 pm CST