Woman with trash bag(l), Guy singing(c), Man taking trash(r)

‘I am so invested in the backstory’: Angry woman dumps bag of clothes at bar during karaoke

On Nov 8, 2023 by Sarah Kester

allegedly George Santos' account on Smule (l) George Santos speaking (c) man greenscreen TikTok over Smule account playing song (r)

‘Lyin King’: George Santos appears to have covered Disney musicals on the karaoke app Smule

He covered ‘Let It Go’ 7 times.

On Jan 31, 2023 by Claire Goforth

A man in a bar (L) and a woman singing in a bar (R).

‘Don’t play me, you did it!’: TikTok shows woman confronting cheating fiance at bar while she sings ‘Say My Name’

‘I’d be too busy swinging.’

On Sep 21, 2021 by Landis Wiedner

win butler does arcade fire at karaoke

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler performs own song at karaoke night

That’s an, um, bold go-to karaoke song.

On Feb 19, 2018 by Audra Schroeder

Woman singing on karaoke machine in Sam's Club

Woman absolutely kills it on a Sam’s Club karaoke machine

New rule: You can only use the Sam’s Club karaoke machine if you can sing like this.

On Oct 25, 2017 by David Britton

mini karaoke machine

This mini smartphone karaoke machine will have you pumpin’ up the jams

Effortlessly turn any gathering into a karaoke party with this neat device.

On May 18, 2017 by Marisa Losciale

Homepage article image

Guy filming himself singing hydroplanes and flips his car

PSA: Buckle up.

On Oct 21, 2016 by Jessica Machado

Homepage article image

Trump and Clinton perform ‘Dirty Dancing’ theme song at debate

Can’t you two see… you’re in love with each other?

On Oct 10, 2016 by Miles Klee

Homepage article image

Watch Gaten Matarazzo from ‘Stranger Things’ slay these karaoke songs

Not only is he totally adorable; he can serenade you to tears.

On Aug 3, 2016 by Colette Bennett

Homepage article image

Apple Music nabs ‘Late Late Show’ hit Carpool Karaoke for weekly series

Celebrities in cars getting funky.

On Jul 26, 2016 by Audra Schroeder

Homepage article image

Cop arrests assault suspect, belts out ‘I Will Survive’ at karaoke pub

Work it.

On Jun 3, 2016 by April Siese

Homepage article image

Man at karaoke is the actual reincarnation of Whitney Houston

We have nothing but mad props for this guy.

On Jun 23, 2015 by Gabe Bergado

Homepage article image

9 of the best/worst covers of the ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ theme song

There’s a reason this is the most-hated karaoke request in Japan.

On Jun 22, 2015 by Aja Romano

Homepage article image

Stepping up to the mic with YouTube’s most eccentric karaoke duo

You’ve never heard ‘Purple Rain,’ or these other 300 songs, like this before.

On Jun 6, 2015 by Joey Keeton

Homepage article image

How a music video app won this lucky singer a professional-grade shoot

Here’s the exclusive premiere of Alex Hobbs covering Kygo’s ‘Stole the Show.’

On May 12, 2015 by Rae Votta

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