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‘I am so invested in the backstory’: Angry woman dumps bag of clothes at bar during karaoke


Sarah Kester


Things got fiery at a bar in Minnesota recently — and it wasn’t because a man was singing karaoke to “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. 

In a video posted Monday, TikTok user @spennythemenace captured the drama unfolding. The viral video shows an angry woman storming into The Terminal Bar and dumping a bag of clothes on the stage while a man, unaware of the drama behind him, continues singing karaoke.

@spennythemenace Whats going on here? #minnesota #minneapolis #terminalbar ♬ original sound – Spennythemenace

“Whats going on here?” the caption read. After the woman dumped the clothes, an older gentleman in a gray sweatshirt confronted the woman.

As she pointed her finger and yelled, the man gathered up the clothes and threw them toward the door. She then grabbed an item of clothing and a bag off of the stage and walked toward the back of the bar.

By Wednesday, the video had been viewed over 2.5 million times. Commenters were equally invested in the drama, and impressed by the singer’s voice.  

“I live for messy bar tiktok,” one wrote.

“Meanwhile….I couldn’t tell if it was karaoke or the jukebox! He killed it!” a third user shared.

“He’s got an amazing voice!” another wrote.

Many were also eager to learn about what had happened to make the woman so upset.

“I am so invested in the backstory TELL ME EVERYTHING,” one user wrote.

Since the video went viral, several theories have begun to circulate online. One Reddit post claimed that the man and woman in the video were involved in a domestic dispute. “Wife is sick of husband always choosing drunken karaoke over being at home,” the post by r/HolUp read.

But one user debunked this theory in the comments, and accused the original poster of spreading a false narrative. 

“This bullsh*t title is such a lie. The original source of this video states that the woman was homeless and living in her car and already causing trouble for the bar and then she came in and started dumping her laundry in there,” wrote user r/That_trash_life. 

The commenter added, “That is why they were already filming because she had been in and out of there multiple times. She eventually was taken to a mental health facility.”

The TikToker who posted the video of the confrontation seemingly confirmed this story in the comments of an update video. 

@spennythemenace commented on @‪Spennythemenace’s post‬ ♬ original sound – Spennythemenace

“Story time is there is no relation between them, she was living in a car nearby and having psychosis,” they wrote. “She’s getting help.”

This information changed many viewers’ tune, inspiring sympathy for the woman in distress. 

“Oh no. bless her. Thank you for the update! Glad to hear she’s getting help,” one user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @spennythemenace and The Terminal Bar via email. 

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