Jared Nobel with fake guns at Columbine sign

‘What a stupid decision’: Nick Fuentes blasts his acolytes for livestreaming with guns at Columbine High School

The cop who arrived was also not impressed.

On May 25, 2023 by Claire Goforth

columbine high school shooters

People are shook to discover Columbine stans are a thing

'I just discovered the Columbine fandom and I… deadass don't know how to do respond.'

On Feb 13, 2020 by Felix Kalvesmaki


Threatening text added to Wikipedia 8 days before STEM school shooting (updated)

Wikipedia said it alerted law enforcement about the edit.

On May 7, 2019 by Eilish O'Sullivan

sol pais

People are more concerned with this woman’s age than her being a school shooting threat

The manhunt for a potential killer is not funny.

On Apr 17, 2019 by Samira Sadeque

mylastshot gun violence columbine high school

Columbine students launch campaign to publicize images of their deaths if they’re killed by gun violence

#MyLastShot campaign aims to show the impact of gun violence.

On Mar 31, 2019 by Elizabeth VanMetre

A chart of the deadliest mass shootings next to an image of children walking out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Columbine no longer ranks among 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history

This is how far we've regressed in 19 years.

On Feb 15, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

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It’s been 17 years since Columbine—and people still believe there’s a mystery to be solved

On this Columbine forum, questions will never be answered.

On Nov 29, 2016 by Luke Winkie

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Students share what it’s like to return to school after a shooting

Thousands take to Reddit to discuss the haunting aftermath of gun violence.

On Sep 7, 2016 by Lyz Lenz

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Stop saying the Oregon shooter’s name

Is that how the victims would want to be remembered—by the man who killed them?

On Oct 8, 2015 by Chris Tognotti

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Growing up in the shadow of America’s mass shooting epidemic

For a young generation of millennials, seeing your friends killed has become a scary new normal.

On Aug 31, 2015 by Skylar Baker-Jordan

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Don’t watch the video of two journalists being gunned down in Virginia

Gun violence doesn't exist for your infotainment.

On Aug 26, 2015 by Derrick Clifton

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Inside Tumblr’s obsession with mass murderers

Sept. 11 was a big day for fans of notorious killers—and not for reasons you might expect.

On Sep 13, 2014 by Aja Romano

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What we won’t learn from the Las Vegas shooters’ social media history

Trying to connect the dots might do more harm than good.

On Jun 11, 2014 by [email protected]

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U.K. tabloids blame school stabbing on video games

The media would like to think that Dark Souls can drive a kid to murder.

On Apr 30, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Gabby Giffords’ gun violence testimony spreads on Facebook

The handwritten page was penned by her speech therapist.

On Jan 31, 2013 by Justin Franz