African greeting videos: are they exploitative and racist or just a fun way for creators to make a living?

African greeting videos have exploded in popularity. Are they empowering or Blaxploitation?

'These videos speak to an African fetishizing so typical of the West.'

On Feb 17, 2024 by Abderrahemane Nejam

france africa tiktok

‘Africa was never hers,’: West Africans roast France on TikTok after coup in Niger, declare colonization ‘over’

The trend is spreading across the app.

On Aug 3, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger

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How Nairaland, Nigeria’s version of Reddit, helped me discover my LGBTQ tribe

A 16-year-old university applicant ended up being inspired.

On Jun 28, 2023 by obinnatonyfrancisochem

family smiling eating food at table (l) family at table eating food (c) family smiling eating food at table (r)

‘Food brings people together’: Teenager in Texas brought her family to try fufu, a traditional African food, because she saw the dish on TikTok

'I want to try some too.'

On Jul 15, 2022 by Jack Alban

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‘This is so heartbreaking’: Woman shares her experience with female genital mutilation in viral TikTok

'FGM is not talked about enough!'

On Jun 1, 2022 by Kathleen Wong

Always pads in aisle with tweet centered by A.Morgs 'A year ago today, I woke up with an Always pad stuck to my bum, after twisting during the night. This caused a rash the next day and after a weekend of pain, I was admitted to hospital with necrotising fasciitis and septic shock.'

‘They’re a bad product’: Woman claims that using an Always menstrual pad sent her into septic shock

'I don't trust their sh*t.'

On May 14, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

Ama Governor

Twitter is hosting threats to Ghana’s LGBTQ community

One user said they would beat members of the LGBTQ community if same-sex relations were legalized.

On Mar 3, 2021 by Samira Sadeque

mouse cable handcuffed over ugandan flag with code in background

Social media taxes in Africa will cripple a generation of internet users

It's bad policy on top of bad policy.

On Dec 23, 2020 by Pearl Kasirye

adele broke character snl african sketch

Adele’s ‘SNL’ sketch about Africa is being called problematic

People love that she broke character. What they don't love is the sketch itself.

On Oct 25, 2020 by Kahron Spearman

charly jordan rwanda

TikTok influencer freaks out after being quarantined in Rwanda

'You can take your white savior complex and your privilege elsewhere.'

On Sep 8, 2020 by Jeremy Steinberger

Russia Facebook Africa Networks

Africa is the newest sphere of illicit Russian Facebook activity

The networks reached hundreds of thousands of people.

On Oct 30, 2019 by Andrew Wyrich


Viral thread highlights the beauty of African architecture

'African Architecture is mostly forgotten and not showcased as it should be.'

On Sep 8, 2019 by Tiffanie Drayton

sudanese protest

Social media is helping raise awareness about massacres in Sudan

Sudan is in the middle of a revolution, and a social media campaign is playing a part.

On Jun 12, 2019 by Katie Balevic

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Listen to Pitbull cover Toto’s ‘Africa’ for the ‘Aquaman’ soundtrack—or don’t


On Dec 13, 2018 by Gabrielle Sorto

trump south african farmer tweet

Trump’s first-ever tweet about Africa as president is about white people

He tags the wrong person, makes baffling request inspired by Fox News.

On Aug 23, 2018 by David Covucci