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‘Protect this man at all costs’: TikToker’s interview schtick accidentally insults John Krasinski

Influencer Katie Mackz’s episode of The Running Interviewer was a nonstarter for the ‘IF’ director.


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Katie Mackz has a very specific TikTok schtick. Also known as “The Running Interviewer,” Mackz approaches people on the street wearing sneakers.

She then asks “hey, how many miles are you running today?” Whatever their answer, she offers some incentive to run with her, be they new sneakers, picking up a meal tab, or whatever else may be relevant to the specific situation. 

Oftentimes these people are celebrities, influencers, business owners, the list goes on. 

For instance, here’s an episode with Jason Derulo. 

@katemackz Top comment get’s Jason’s sneakers!! 👀🫶#TheRunningInterviewShow #runwithkate ♬ original sound – KATE MACKZ

And here’s Indy500 driver Colton Herda. 

@katemackz Got to run with Colton Herta before the #Indy500 this weekend @Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Shoutout to Gainbridge for making me feel part of the team! Make sure you're following to watch part 2 where we get a bts look at his car pre-race. #partner ♬ original sound – KATE MACKZ

Then there’s the one with Barbara Cocoran. 

@katemackz Replying to @Tik Toker Comment your followup questions for @Barbara Corcoran, I’ll ask in our next episode together 🩵 #TheRunningInterviewShow #runwithkate ♬ original sound – KATE MACKZ

So that’s how Mackz’s videos are supposed to go. Each of these folks understood the assignment and played along. Good times, great friends.

However, Mackz recently attended a premiere event for John Krazinski’s new family film, IF. Wouldn’t you know it? The former Halpert was wearing sneakers! Perfect setup for a classic episode of The Running Interviewer! 

Sadly, it didn’t quite go as planned.



♬ original sound – KATE MACKZ

“Okay…,” Krasinski says after being asked Mackz’s typical “how many miles…” inquiry. She tries to “yes and…” him toward a more typical conversation, but Johnny K. strides away. The reaction is that of someone who definitely thinks they’re being PUNK’D.

Regardless, it seems Krasinski was entirely unaware of Mackz’s schtick and felt like she was just making fun of his footwear. And on the same week as another TikToker’s divisive interview with Baz Luhrmann, no less!

Mackz’s regular viewers commented on the video things like, “He did not understand the assignment,” and “Awww this makes me sad 😭 I hope he sees this and redeems himself on a run.”

Others who weren’t familiar with the running-style interview were less impressed. “No no no protect this man at all costs,” chimed in one viewer.

Another commenter put it more bluntly, saying, “As someone who has never seen your content I thought you were roasting him too.”

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