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‘I had no idea’: TikToker accidentally interviews Baz Luhrmann on the street

The ‘Elvis’ director shared his thoughts on relationships, though!


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Even if you didn’t know Baz Luhrmann’s face, I think if you ran into Baz Luhrman on the street, you’d be like “oh, that’s Baz Luhrmann.” Not so for TikToker @God_Worthy.

Behind the Baz Luhrmann street interview

On the streets of Sydney, Australia, @God_Worthy aka Georgia Godworth landed a rare chance interview with the very famous, very extra Great Gatsby/Moulin Rouge director…without even realizing it. 

“Guys I had no idea this was Baz Luhrmann,” she wrote in the video’s caption. A quick watch of the interview reveals that, yeah, she seemingly didn’t: 

Baz starts the interview by changing the camera angle, literally directing the shot he’s in. This should’ve been a hint right off the bat, but I guess not. 

What we learned

The body of the interview centers around Baz’s thoughts on relationships. We get some rare insight into the man’s personal life, including his thoughts on love and marriage, which seems to have a door very ajar for ol’ Bazzy. 

“I’m married,” Luhrmann said. “During that journey of marriage, the person I’m married to and I found our own really genuine and authentic concept of what our contract to each other should be. But I think more importantly, marriage is not so much about what exists between you and another person, it’s about advertising to other people that you love and care as to what the dealio is.”

Baz’s wife, by the way, is Oscar-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin. The couple has worked together on all of Baz’s films. 

Godworth specializes in on-the-street interviews, but up until now, they’ve largely been with average joes. You can tell by her body language and overall demeanor that this one…feels different.

The internet reacts

Given the rarity of the interview, it’s a shame Godworth was blind to her circumstances, as there’s no shortage of questions left hanging.

In Body Image
via @kenzvanunu/X

She could’ve asked him about literally any cinematic decision he’s ever made, about his love of glitter and glittery things, why Tom Hanks did that voice in Elvis…the list is endless! 

The Internet greeted this interview with a mix of bafflement and delight.

“I usually don’t do interviews, so I’m glad to be a part of yours.” We’re all glad you were too, Bazzy. We’re glad you were too.

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