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‘Dad, it’s a TikTok’: Martin Scorsese steps in to direct daughter Francesca’s TikTok

The Oscar winner takes on a smaller scale project.


Mike Hadge

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If you’re Martin Scorsese, where do you go after Killers Of The Flower Moon? The multi-Oscar-nominated epic lit up screens both large and small last year (depending on your Apple device), with a three-and-a-half hour runtime to name. It’s only natural then that Marty’s next project be a much quainter affair. Maybe minimal sets, few performers, keep the crafty budget modest. 

That project is Scorsese directing a TikTok for his daughter, Francesca. I know what you’re thinking: oh no, does Marty think his daughter is Bob DeNiro (a common problem these days)?! Fear not, as throughout, the Taxi Driver director seems well aware that this film stars his daughter and not famous actor Robert DeNiro. 

Francesca’s TikTok, undoubtedly edited down from its original 4-hour cut, is a tour of the Scorsese home, built around the theme of the family as “movie lovers,” with concrete possession evidence! Memorabilia, classic film posters, TCM, DVDs, when it comes to movie stuff bonafides, the Scorsese’s have it all! 

But hold on, Marty not only directs, he co-stars! In what is a clear attempt to become Bradley Cooper, the elder Scorsese steps in front of the camera to show us, among other things…a camera!

The video also makes a cheeky reference to Marty’s ongoing criticism of Marvel movies, with a look to the camera worthy of Jim Halpert himself. 

It may not be Scorcese’s most refined work, but it’s certainly in contention for his most charming. 

Let’s watch: 

@francescascorsese We’re movie lovers… #fyp #dadsoftiktok #martinscorsese #movielovers ♬ original sound – Francesca

The internet as a whole seems to love it:

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