Scorsese guesses internet slang


Martin Scorsese quizzed by daughter on internet slang: ‘he served I fear’

The ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ director ‘lowkey slayed.’ And Scorsese had something to say about ‘The King of Comedy.’


Audra Schroeder


Martin Scorsese is 80 years old and knows what “no cap” means.

Scorsese has been making appearances on his daughter Francesca‘s TikTok for a couple years now, and she often quizzes him on things. On Thursday, she posted a truly amazing thing to witness: The Killers of the Flower Moon director guessing what internet slang means.

Scorsese breezes through “tea,” “ick,” and “cap,” eventually gets there with “ate” and “sneaky link.” (He initially calls the latter “personal peccadillos.”)

He doesn’t get “ship,” and claims “simp” used to mean someone who’s annoying. (And that kind of still works with today’s definition.) When it comes to “slept on,” Francesca frames it as: “The King of Comedy was slept on.” And her dad gets very specific.

“It was the flop of the year,” Scorsese says. “That’s what it was called, on Entertainment Tonight. New Year’s Eve, ’83 to ’84. It’s OK.”

@francescascorsese He lowkey slayed. #fyp #martinscorsese #dadsoftiktok #dadguesses ♬ original sound – Francesca

Now, Scorsese might know these terms because he has a 23-year-old daughter. But commenters were still astounded that they exist at a time when a master of American cinema is on TikTok riffing on “slay.”

“if any of these make it into his next film i will lose my mind (positive),” said FilmTok personality Reece Feldman.

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