Jerry Seinfeld says he misses masculinity, internet reacts

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‘I like a real man’: The Internet reacts to Jerry Seinfeld’s baffling opinion on masculinity

Maybe Jerry should start “yadda yadda”-ing some of his interview thoughts. 


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The Unfrosted press tour is the gift that keeps on taking.

Jerry Seinfeld, the ol’ observational rascal, is at it again. On his latest stop on the Unfrosted press tour that seemingly will last unto the burning out of our very sun, Seinfeld sat down with Bari Weiss on her podcast, Honestly with Bari Weiss.

While there, the Bee Movie star tried to express his interest in making Unfrosted, a film set in 1963, centered around nostalgia for his childhood: 

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“There’s another element there that I think is the key element, and that is an agreed-upon hierarchy, which I think is absolutely vaporized in today’s moment,” the comedian said. “I think that is why people lean on the horn and drive in the crazy way that they drive, because we have no sense of hierarchy. And as humans, we don’t really feel comfortable like that.”

Uh…hierarchy, you say, Jer? He continued, “If you want to talk about nostalgia, that is part of what makes that moment attractive looking back.”

Seinfeld singled out nostalgia for manly men from that period such as JFK, Muhammad Ali, Sean Connery and….Howard Cosell (??!).  

“You can go all the way down the line — that’s a real man,” Seinfeld said. “I miss a dominant masculinity. Yeah, I get the [toxic masculinity] but still, I like a real man.” You like big, beefy bastions of manhood? Uh, watch Unfrosted, I guess? 

The Internet got its roasting mitts on for this one, as you might imagine. 

As many point out, Seinfeld’s comments are completely incongruous with anything to do with his comedy, his image, and his very being. Has there been a freaky Friday with Andrew Tate that we missed here?!

Anyway, each day that passes means that the Unfrosted press tour may be drawing to a close. Maybe. Hopefully. We’re just so, so tired. 

You can watch the whole interview (you know, if you’re into that), below:

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