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‘Hot Ones,’ ‘Chicken Shop Date,’ and ‘Good Mythical Morning’ are all eligible for Emmys this year

Three popular YouTube shows are playing with the big boys.


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What even is TV these days? It is just whatever airs on network and cable channels? What about the streamers? Yup, the streamers have TV too. But don’t we also watch movies on the streamers…on our TVs? Am I TV? The lines are blurred, is my point.

Finally, the awards brigade has acknowledged this. Three popular YouTube series will be eligible for Emmy categories this year. 

Good Mythical Morning

First, there’s “Good Mythical Morning,” created by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal (aka Rhett & Link). “GMM” (as the rad call it) attempted to enter the talk series category in 2018 to no avail but has now successfully landed in the outstanding short-form comedy, drama, or variety series category. 

And for good reason, “GMM” has racked up over 32 million subscribers since its debut in 2012, with over 2500 episodes produced over that span. (That’s almost as many episodes as Grey’s Anatomy has!) 

If there’s a YouTube-iest hair category, they’d likely be frontrunners there too.

Chicken Shop Date

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s “Chicken Shop Date” will also be eligible for the outstanding short form category.

Though a recent social media ambassador for the Oscars, Dimoldenberg’s main gig involves meeting a celebrity guest at a local chicken shop for a chat, be it awkward, casual or even flirtatious

Debuting in 2014, “CSD” has 88 episodes thus far, including the nine in its current eligibility window featuring Paul Mescal, Cher, and Sean Evans of “Hot Ones.” Speaking of…

Hot Ones

“Hot Ones” has successfully petitioned to compete in the outstanding talk series category alongside network stalwarts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmell/Fallon, and Seth Meyers.

You know “Hot Ones.” It’s the program in which host Sean Evans asks celebrities questions as they slowly destroy their bodies for our joy.

It’s appropriate that the show will enter the late-night category, considering one of its biggest episodes this year featured one of the genre’s former staples, taking things to their absolute brink. 

The 24th season of “Hot Ones” premieres on Thursday, May 23 with“ Furiosa” star Chris Hemsworth.

Best of luck to these new media trailblazers in their quest to unseat whatever HBO throws out this year. Actually, I thought HBO was very specifically not TV. Take away their Emmys. Can’t have it both ways.

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