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Food Network announces Harry Potter-themed baking show hosted by the Weasley twins

‘Wizards of Baking’ premieres this holiday season.


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Earlier this week on Instagram, Food Network unveiled the news that Wizards of Baking, a new Harry Potter-themed baking competition show, will premiere this holiday season. 

“The greatest pastry chefs in the world find their magic, bringing to life the enchanting world of Harry Potter,” the video’s caption proclaims. The show is described as a competition “where wizards and Muggles alike compete with baked goods inspired by the Wizarding World itself.”

All I can say is, “expecto patro-YUM!”

Basically, this sounds like a Holiday Baking Championship variation, but instead of cakes that look like Santa, it’ll be cakes that look like Dolores Umbridge. 

The real hook of the series, for me at least, is that the show will be hosted by those Percy-pranking Weasley twins, James and Oliver Phelps. I know what you’re thinking—who’s manning Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes?! Fear not, for the shop is fictional.

That being said, Wizards of Baking will be filming on the actual Harry Potter franchise film sets. Finally, you may be able to watch sugar cookies be frosted in the Great Hall, Room of Requirement, or that one bathroom where Harry “septumsempra”d the sh*t out of Draco. 

The show is currently in production, and while no official premiere date has been set, but it will likely be nailed down as the holiday season approaches. It’s just good press for the Potter franchise from here on out, folks. Yup! Smooth sailing! I can feel it! 

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