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‘Let me see you do some underwater welding’: Harrison Butker’s advice to women during commencement speech receives backlash online

The Kansas City Chiefs kicker said some things at Benedictine College.


Mike Hadge

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Posted on May 15, 2024

It’s commencement speech season and Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker’s was a doozy. If there’s one thing about pro athletes, it’s that many of them really enjoy religion. Like, really enjoy it.

Over the weekend, Kansas City Chiefs kicker came off the bench (after sitting most of the event) to let the Benedictine College Class of 2024 know that he really enjoys religion, among other fun things such as: what provides a woman with true life fulfillment, the importance of traditional masculinity, and that’s it, because he’s only used to making three points at a time. Oh, and he threw in a reference to his “teammate’s girlfriend” for good measure. 

Butker, who if you’re like me, you’ve always called “Hairy Buttkicker,” in particular had some tips for the ladies:

Butker mentions how his wife Isabelle “convert[ed] to the faith, become my wife and embrace[d] one of the most important titles of all: Homemaker.”

Yeah. As you might imagine, the officials on the internet have declared Butker’s points “no good.”

Some responses went there. 


Others added some factors you just can’t ignore here: 

Surely the sort of archaic ideas Butler was spewing about a woman’s place in the home were learned, right? Undoubtedly his own mother lived a happy, fulfilling life as a wife and mother ONLY.  RIGHT? 

Yeah, no. 

Turns out, Butker’s cushy background of affluence was co-constructed by, of all people, accomplished oncologist Elizabeth Butker—his lady parent! Huh. I’m sure Butker will realize the irony of this during his long stretches of “think” time next season sitting on his good pal, the bench. 

No word from the “shut up and play sports” crowd on this one, oddly. (JK, it’s not odd at all.)

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*First Published: May 15, 2024, 12:52 pm CDT