People are dunking on Chipotle's CEO after he says 'portions have not gotten smaller'

People online are dunking on Chipotle’s CEO after he suggests portion sizes aren’t getting smaller

Brian Niccol’s take on recent controversy leaves folks wanting more.

On Jun 3, 2024 by Mike Hadge

load bearing posts of our time: Brain split with electric connections between them

‘The load-bearing posts of our time’: People are sharing Internet moments that are seared into their brains forever

X users recollect the best of what the Internet has to offer.

On May 29, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Harrison Butker speech in graduation robe in front of abstract background

‘Let me see you do some underwater welding’: Harrison Butker’s advice to women during commencement speech receives backlash online

The Kansas City Chiefs kicker said some things at Benedictine College.

On May 15, 2024 by Mike Hadge

no hot women on snl

A TikTok user claimed none of the women on ‘Saturday Night Live’ are ‘hot,’ and the rest of the internet has thoughts

“Just found out I’m not hot. Please give me and my family space to grieve privately and uglily at this time.”

On Apr 3, 2024 by Allie Hayes

Caleb Williams(l), Caleb Williams with his phone(r)

‘Caleb Williams is a Dylan Mulvaney wannabe’: X erupts in homophobia over football player’s pink phone case

‘Michael Sam walked so Caleb could fly,’ an X user tweeted.

On Mar 27, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

Han So-hee(l), Ryu Jun-yeol(c), Hyeri(r)

K-pop and K-drama fans go head-to-head over dating controversy

The dating controversy sent K-pop and K-drama fans into a tizzy.

On Mar 21, 2024 by Kira Deshler

nepo babies actually good

‘What’s an example of nepotism that you’re actually a fan of?’: People are sharing the ‘nepo babies’ who don’t deserve the slander

Unfortunately, they can’t all be as cool as Carrie Fisher.

On Mar 19, 2024 by Allie Hayes

Rebecca Ferguson against night desert background

Who screamed at Rebecca Ferguson? Fans want to know

This mystery is exactly the kind of thing the internet eats up, and it has captured various fan communities.

On Mar 7, 2024 by Kira Deshler

Zack Snyder in front of Rebel Moon poster

For Zack Snyder fans, critics are the enemy

This discourse brings up an interesting question—should critics engage with fandom in their work?

On Dec 24, 2023 by Kira Deshler

Nicki Minaj

The Barbz are willing to fight to keep Nicki Minaj on top

The Barbz took up Minaj’s rhetoric of singularity with their remarks about her album.

On Dec 17, 2023 by Kira Deshler

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is the internet’s new It Girl

The memesters and the chronically online have claimed Scorsese as one of their own. 

On Nov 12, 2023 by Kira Deshler

Scully in X-Files (l) Spock in Star Trek (c) Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars (r)

How fandom is still shaping pop culture

Fandom and identity are central components of today’s digital landscape, and they have a huge impact on internet culture as a whole.

On Sep 24, 2023 by Kira Deshler

Chris Evans

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s marriage sparks new round of age gap discourse

The couple had been dating for a couple of years before tying the knot.

On Sep 11, 2023 by Michelle Jaworski

joe jonas sophie turner

Celebrity gossip is all over the internet—again

Everyone is paying attention to celebrities’ personal lives right now.

On Sep 9, 2023 by Tiffany Kelly

Reddit Cakegate

Reddit cakegate proved how skewed discourse is on the internet

The chocolate cake post is a perfect example of how people respond differently on different social sites.

On Sep 2, 2023 by Tiffany Kelly

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