A viral AI-generated song about Travis Kelce is removed from TikTok after becoming a viral trend

‘HIS FACE I CANT’: Boyfriends think this new Taylor Swift song about Travis Kelce is real

‘Sounds like every Taylor Swift song to me.’

On by Adrienne Hunter

Kyle Rittenhouse in front of scene of police after Kansas City Shooting

Kyle Rittenhouse angry KC shooters haven’t been identified after he was outed quickly—forgets he did interview before killing 2

Rittenhouse’s name ‘became widely circulated because of HIS OWN interview.’

On by Katherine Huggins

Conspiracy theorists immediately claim Chiefs' parade shooting orchestrated so Taylor Swift can push gun control

Conspiracy theorists claim Chiefs’ parade shooting orchestrated so Taylor Swift can push for gun control

‘Bet this was a false flag so that Taylor Swift can cry more about gun control.’

On by Mikael Thalen

Taylor Swift fans think she got the ick during Travis Kelce’s postgame singing

‘She’s embarrassed bro’: Taylor Swift fans think she got the ick during Travis Kelce’s postgame singing

‘I think we all did for a second there’

On by Grace Fowler

People think the Super Bowl edited out Alicia Keys' voice cracking during performance

‘I got the receipts’: People think the Super Bowl edited out Alicia Keys’ voice cracking during performance

‘The gaslightinggg.’

On by Nina Hernandez

nickelodeon super bowl memes

‘The Nickelodeon Super Bowl is unhinged’: Nickelodeon aired its own chaotic version of the Super Bowl, and the Internet reacted with memes

There were plenty of hilarious shots of the Bikini Bottom “crowd,” which consisted of many animated, underwater versions of popular celebrities.

On by Allie Hayes

Conspiracists use video of Ice Spice at the Super Bowl to suggest she is a demon

Far-right thinks Ice Spice is a ‘demon,’ blasts Taylor Swift for ‘pounding beers with Satanist’ during Super Bowl

‘Making sure the world sees it on the big screen.’

On by Katherine Huggins

travis taylor super bowl party

Fans can’t get enough of leaked Super Bowl party videos that show Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing and dancing to multiple Taylor Swift songs

As with any celebrity-filled event, you better believe the afterparties were truly something to behold.

On by Allie Hayes

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RFK Jr. imitating infamous ‘Kennedy’ ad in Super Bowl spot infuriates family

Despite the apology, the ad remains RFK Jr.’s pinned post on X.

On by Katherine Huggins

Biden Meme

Biden trolls Swift-Kelce ‘psyop’ believers after Chiefs Super Bowl win—as Trump pleads with duo to endorse him instead

Trump supporters think he’s admitting it.

On by Mikael Thalen

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Consumers have apparently made Temu rich enough to afford 3 Super Bowl commercials. Here’s how much they cost

‘Who did they scam for this much airtime?’

On by Natasha Dubash

Super Bowl streaker interrupts the big game

‘Doing that at the Super Bowl deserves air time’: People are mad the Super Bowl refused to air the ‘partial streakers’

‘The film doesn’t lie’

On by Nina Hernandez

He Gets Us ad leads to Jesus Was a Foot Guy memes

‘Why did we just get a PSA about how Jesus was a foot guy?’: ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl ad leads to ‘Jesus was a foot guy’ confusion

‘I don’t need “Jesus was a foot guy” running through my head’

On by Nina Hernandez

Travis Kelce Yells and Shoves at Andy Reid during the Super Bowl

‘Mans got that Pfizer rage’: Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl incident on the sidelines has Swifties worried about Taylor


On by Ramon Ramirez

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‘Taylor Swift cinematic universe is kinda crazy’: Jason Kelce meeting Ice Spice was not on anyone’s 2024 bingo card

‘Ice and Spice, just how I like my margaritas! Ha, I’m Jason.’

On by Natasha Dubash

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