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23 new Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go today

We have a list of every new Pokémon we know is coming.


Chris Reed


Posted on Jan 23, 2018   Updated on May 22, 2021, 3:39 am CDT

People who have stuck with Pokémon Go since its meteoric launch in 2016 have been getting lots of new content lately. And if today’s news is anything to go by, the stream isn’t slowing down. Niantic, the game’s developer, announced Pokémon Go will get 23 new monsters that originally appeared in 2002’s Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. All you have to do is get out there and find them.

The new Pokémon are considered “Gen 3” monsters, and they come from the sandy Hoenn region in the games. Accompanying the announcement was the image above, which shows a handful of the new Pokemon you can expect to find. Reddit user Kynok has identified and listed a good number of the new monsters, including their evolutions (which we can presume are also in the new batch). Here’s where we stand:

  1. Whismur
  2. Loudred
  3. Exploud
  4. Aron
  5. Lairon
  6. Aggron
  7. Numel
  8. Camerupt
  9. Trapinch
  10. Vibrava
  11. Flygon
  12. Cacnea
  13. Cacturne
  14. Lunatone
  15. Solrock

As you can see, eight of the 23 new monsters have yet to be identified. To find out which ones they are, we’ll either have to wait for players to stumble upon them in the wild or—perhaps more likely—wait for dataminers to dig into the updated game file.

As an interesting aside, Groudon also appears in the image above (it’s the red lizard-like one on the right). Groudon was the first Gen 3 Legendary Pokémon to show up in Pokémon Go, but it was only available until Jan. 15. It’s unclear if Groudon’s presence here means it’ll be coming back to the game.

This is the fourth batch of Gen 3 creatures to arrive in Pokémon Go. The first coincided with Halloween last year and brought spooky monsters to the mix. Two more batches of Gen 3 Pokémon dropped into the game in December.

Other recent news for Pokémon Go includes the game’s inaugural Community Day, which briefly let players catch a special Pikachu. If you missed out, you’ll have to wait for next month’s Community Day, which takes place on Feb. 24 and features Dratini. Other recent updates brought an improved augmented reality mode and a realistic weather system.

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*First Published: Jan 23, 2018, 4:51 pm CST