Walmart order picker speaking in car with caption 'My manager telling me to take pictures as proof that we are out of stock' (l) Walmart building with sign and blue sky (c) Walmart order picker taking photo of out of stock item with caption ''the proof'' (r)

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‘It ain’t our job’: Walmart worker says manager makes them take photos of nothing to prove items are out of stock

‘They used to walk with me to look for stuff then be mad for wasting their time.’


Jack Alban


A Walmart employee shared her gripes with management making her “prove” out-of-stock store items are actually out of stock at the location where she works by instructing her to take photographs of essentially nothing.

Alyssa (@alyssa.v) TikTok was viewed over 125,000 times and sparked a conversation in the comments section from other users who said that they, too, dreaded the lengths they have to go through in order to prove that out-of-stock items are no longer available in the store.

@alyssaa.vv “Why is the pre sub 94%??” cause we don’t got it???? #greenscreen #fyp ♬ original sound – theylovemeefr

Alyssa wrote in a text overlay of the TikTok: “My manager telling me to take pictures as proof that we are out of stock.” The video shows Alyssa taking several photos of empty portions of store shelves where products are supposed to be. She lip-syncs to the popular audio of a person saying: “Be fucking for real.”

Viewers in the comments section of her clip said they, too, have been on the receiving end of similar requests from their own supervisors. “They used to walk with me to look for stuff then be mad for wasting their time when it wasn’t there fr,” one penned.

Another TikToker said that they had the same experience working for Target. A Michael’s employee said their manager would have to sign off on any mentions of an item being out of stock.

There were other Walmart floor employees who said they couldn’t understand why they would be asked to search for items in the store’s warehouse. “They used to have me looking in the back like girl that isn’t my job !!!” one said.

A customer, however, shared their frustration with inconsistencies in online ordering. “Yall always having 1 left then tell me oops nvm its Outta stock,” they claimed.

In 2022, a number of online shoppers looking to pick up items in stores at popular retail chains like Walmart complained about items being constantly out of stock. The issue was chalked up to supply chain issues, which, according to Plante Moran, are expected to continue throughout 2023.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Alyssa via TikTok comment and Walmart via email.

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