Walmart employee asking for receipt with caption 'The person that takes their job WAY too serious' (l) Walmart shopper holding receipt with Walmart bag in cart (c) Walmart employee asking for receipt on top of shopper with caption 'The person that takes their job WAY too serious' (r)

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‘Somebody call 911! She’s trying to leave!’: Customer mocks Walmart workers who take checking receipts too seriously

‘I never keep my receipts.’


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Receipt checkers have long drawn the ire of TikTok users. One user recently alleged that he refused to show physical receipts to Costco receipt checkers, instead opting to scan it on his phone and rip up the original. Another user claimed they were “locked” inside of a Walmart after they failed to show a receipt.

As a result of this ire, the receipt checkers themselves have become the butt of many jokes. One such joke recently went viral after being shared by TikTok user @smokeeash.

In a video with over 421,000 views, the TikToker pretends to be a receipt checker after the Walmart checkout.

At first, the TikToker calmly asks for a receipt. When the person filming the video does not comply, he jumps in front of the camera. After a moment, he says, “Somebody call 911! She’s trying to leave!”

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The video ends with the TikToker tackling the person filming the video, again reiterating that someone should call for emergency services.

“The person that takes their job WAY too serious,” the TikToker writes in the text overlaying the video.

In the comments section, users shared their own stories of overzealous receipt checkers and their thoughts on the job in general.

“Bro I just had this happen to me in Indianapolis,” recalled a user. “I’m like dude come on, I bought the whole cart.”

“This happened to me before I was so pissed,” offered another. “I never keep my receipts.”

“Business can f*ck off,” stated a third. “They make us scan our own shopping then send someone to check the reciepts?”

“Bro the fact I just started working here and have witnessed this is crazy,” wrote an additional TikToker.

That said, some were critical of those who derided the role and how seriously someone in that position may take their job.

“Bro is doing the only thing his job requires and you think he’s taking it too seriously?” asked a commenter.

“Nah but really bro im sure they aren’t even get paid enough to do so much,” said a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to @smokeeash via email.

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