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‘He had no right to treat us this way’: Shopper says Walmart worker ‘locked’ them inside store when they wouldn’t show their receipt, dividing viewers

‘As a Walmart associate it’s literally in training that we cannot make customers show a receipt if they don’t want to!’


Braden Bjella


There’s a part of the checkout process that Walmart customers know well—showing your receipt to an employee as you exit.

This is not a policy without controversy. Over the years, numerous users have pointed out that Walmart staff are not supposed to force you to show your receipt, and that internal Walmart policy advises against pushing too heavily for a receipt check. 

Additionally, several users’ clips have gone viral after sharing their stories of being forced to show receipts. In one case, a user accused a Walmart employee of illegally detaining him after he did not show a receipt; in another, a customer claimed that an employee followed him to his car to check his receipt.

Now, another user’s clip has gone viral after sharing their story of a receipt check gone awry.

The original video, which has since been deleted, showed an employee preventing TikTok user Jackie (@lifeewithjackiee) from leaving the store. A portion of the original video can be seen in this stitched post from user @perfectly_dysfunctional.

@perfectly_dysfunctional @Walmart ♬ original sound – Shann & Alex

“I just need to see your receipt,” the employee says, blocking the door. “That’s all I need to see. I’m sorry.”

An argument ensues in which the person filming the video says that they will sue the employee for “putting your hands while my f*cking daughters are right here.”

The employee denies the allegation. The person filming the video makes several more references to a potentially successful lawsuit following the incident, saying at one point that he was “getting paid today” thanks to the actions of the employee. 

“You’re going to lose your job and everything, buddy,” the person filming the video states. “Show him the receipt. Show him how dumb he is.”

Some commenters under this repost sided with the employee, noting that he was simply trying to do his job.

“Employee could have handled it better but customers made it worse and treated him poorly,” wrote a user.

“Poor employee,” another added. “How are you going to terrify him by threatening him because he was doing his job.”

@perfectly_dysfunctional, the person who stitched with the original video, shared this view.

“Mocking and making fun of him, telling him he’s going to lose his job just for doing his job—like, b*tch, who the f*ck are you?” she asks. “Clearly the employee has some sort of mild special needs.”

However, though she deleted the original video, Jackie returned to TikTok to give her own perspective on the incident in a video with over 2.1 million views.

@lifeewithjackiee He had no right to treat us this way, he didnt give us a chance to show the recipt when he charged at us, while my kids are in the cart and while he jerked it into my husband and daughter while he was baby carrying, #colorado #coloradocheck #monumentcolorado #munoztwins #emeliaandyaneli ♬ original sound –

In this video, Jackie says that the employee came “charging” at them and “jerked the cart” before saying that he needed to see a receipt. What followed was the aforementioned video.

“He had no right to treat us this way,” she wrote in the caption. “He didn’t give us a chance to show the [receipt] when he charged at us, while my kids are in the cart and while he jerked it into my husband and daughter while he was baby carrying.”

Jackie says that she called the police following the incident, who told her that what happened was not a crime but claimed that the Walmart in question has had similar claims in the past.

Commenters in this comment section largely sided with Jackie.

“For everyone saying just show the receipt I GUARANTEE you she would have shown it if he wouldn’t have ran up and jerked the cart with her child in it,” a user wrote.

“As a Walmart associate it’s literally in training that we cannot make customers show a receipt if they don’t want to!” exclaimed a second.

However, some users still sided with the employee and pointed out inconsistencies in Jackie’s story.

“I’m confused, the caption said you weren’t given a chance to show a receipt but then stated in the video he stopped you and asked for a receipt…” a commenter wrote.

“I mean normally anyone would have a receipt out after walking away from a checkout,” detailed an additional user. “Why be so difficult.”

“People be walking out of stores not paying all the time,” shared another commenter. “Smart for checking the receipts.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via its Media Relations contact form, Jackie via email, and @perfectly_dysfunctional via TikTok direct message.

Update 9:22am CT, July 9, 2023: In an email to the Daily Dot, Jackie further explained her side of the story.

“I just feel so upset about the whole thing, because not only do we have our kids in the cart and it was super late, he shouldn’t of done what he did,” she wrote. “He jerked the cart into my husband as my husband had the other twin in the baby carrier and as he [was] jerking the cart my other twin daughter [was] in the cart. And that’s when my husband started to record.”

“We have a daughter who has a disability (the one in the cart) and we would never make fun of someone who has a disability,” she added. “We didn’t even know [until] after the fact, so we are genuinely sorry.”

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