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‘I found them inside’: Walmart shopper buys frozen pizza. She discovers something unpleasant

‘Happened to me with some meat.’


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When TikToker DaiDai (@216daidai) decided to share her shocking frozen pizza discovery, she probably didn’t anticipate the collective shudder of disgust it would send through the platform. With a video amassing over 23,000 views and the telling caption “#bugsinmypizza,” DaiDai unveiled a rather unsettling sight: tiny bugs crawling underneath the shrink wrap of her Marketside Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Walmart

In the clip, DaiDai can be heard expressing her disbelief as she inspects the pizza she purchased from the popular retailer.

“This came from Walmart. I swear to God. Look it. I’m about to put my f*cking refrigerator right. I’m like, am I tripping? That’s in the freaking inside,” she says, showing bugs crawling inside the package. “This is not even open. Oh, my god! There’s bugs in my pizza, bro. Do you see that? Oh, what the f*ck? Oh, my. Oh, no. We got a problem.”

The comments section was flooded with shared horror and commiseration.

One user lamented, “I don’t shop in Walmart ever since I found a worm in my salmon fish.”

Another shared a similar experience, “Yep I found them inside my sealed container of croissants I bought at the store recently. Hate those things.”

And yet another viewer expressed their dismay with a series of emojis, indicating that the Marketside Buffalo Chicken Pizza was their preferred brand. “omg and this the pizza brand we like,” they said.

Marketside Buffalo Chicken Pizza is a popular choice among Walmart shoppers, making this revelation all the more concerning. While Walmart is renowned for its affordability and convenience, this incident has prompted many users to share their own “Walmart survival guides,” listing items to be wary of.

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In an era where grocery prices are on the rise, one would hope that quality assurance would be a given. However, as DaiDai’s video starkly reminds us, it’s always a good idea to inspect your food before consumption. While the occasional mishap can occur in any retail setting, it’s incidents like these that remind consumers to remain vigilant and prioritize their health and safety. Nobody wants to eat bug pizza on accident, but if you’re interested in an insectoid treat, you could try Cricket Crisps.

Food offerings from Walmart have come under scrutiny recently, like one shopper who complained about the “stringy” chicken they purchased from a location’s meat department. In their clip, they showed off a texture that they found to be bizarre and even accused the chain of selling lab-grown, artificial meat. That claim was debunked, but their frustration is on trend with other consumers’ disappointing experiences at retailers like Walmart.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and to DaiDai via TikTok comment.

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