Walgreens worker shares what he does when customer asks him to check for product 'in the back'

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‘Now I trust people even less’: Walgreens worker shares what he does when customer asks him to check for product ‘in the back’

'Sorry but I’m not looking through all the damn boxes in the back for one item.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jun 25, 2023

People have mixed feelings about a Walgreens worker who is going viral after showing what he actually does when asked to check to see if an item is in stock in the backroom.

In a TikTok video from a creator named Max (@hexgirlfan1), whose bio simply reads, “I just be,” he opens by standing in the frozen aisle at work, mimicking an interaction with a customer.

“When a customer asks if we have a product in the back,” the text overlay on the video reads.

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After pretending to tell a customer that he’ll check in the back for the item they requested, he puts a code into a metal door that is seemingly only for employees.

The door leads him to a narrow room with several red carts and shelves that hold a variety of items, including crayons, a dog plush, and tissue boxes.

Instead of looking through any of those items, Max walks in, stops midway, and does the Nae Nae—a popular dance that came out in 2015 in which a person puts a hand in the air and then ways from side to side.

After a quick dance break, Max walks back out and shakes his head “no” to the customer, indicating that he checked but did not find the item they wanted.

The video has a staggering 40.7 million views and more than 35,000 comments in just two days. Max isn’t new to going viral. with multiple videos with more than a million views each. Many of Max’s most popular videos show him dancing in an energetic or silly way.

Also, Max isn’t the first worker to admit to doing this. The Daily Dot previously covered a Walmart employee who takes a break in the back when a customer insists on an item he knows is fully out of stock.

“If they’re polite then i’ll actually check if they’re rude to me i just go down for a couple minutes and stare at the wall,” the most popular comment, with nearly 220,000 likes, read.

Some commenters who’ve also worked retail jobs said they also lie about checking for items in the back.

“I go back and have a water break,” one person said.

“I hated explaining to ppl when I worked retail, if it’s not on the shelf, it’s not in the back. Bc if it was in the back, it’d be on the shelf,” another reasoned.

“Sorry but I’m not looking through all the damn boxes in the back for one item,” someone else chimed in. “Too much time.”

Others said employees should make the effort to confirm if an item a customer is looking for is in the back stock.

“I love when they actually check and bring it out for you , it saves us the trip, time, and gas,” a commenter wrote.

“I always checked when I worked in the supermarket, idk why you wouldn’t,” another said.

“Now I trust people even less,” a person said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Max for comment via Instagram DM and to Walgreens via email.

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*First Published: Jun 25, 2023, 12:44 pm CDT