Customer slams UPS for damaging her package—then just throwing it away

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‘They just threw it away’: Customer slams UPS for damaging her package—then just throwing it away

‘This sounds like it was straight up stolen.’


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When purchasing items online or sending packages over long distances, there are a few options customers can choose from.

Some of the more well-known package delivery services are FedEx and United Parcel Service. Both have been serving the U.S. for a long time, becoming household names and go-to choices for parcel delivery.

Now, one customer of UPS says her package was damaged in the process of being delivered. Rather than contact her and ask how she would like to proceed, she says her package was destroyed without her knowledge.

In her video posted to TikTok, user @crackedrabbits says she was mailing a painting she had worked on for over a year through UPS and was informed after the fact that it had been damaged and destroyed.

“UPS, why is it OK for something to be damaged and then discarded before I’m told?” she says in the video. “Oh my god. What is wrong with y’all? That painting took me a year. I had to go through numerous tragedies. If anybody can help me with this, please. This painting was really important to me and they just threw it away.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @crackedrabbits via TikTok direct message, as well as to UPS via email regarding the video.

UPS does facilitate the filing of claims for both a sender and recipient if their package is lost or damaged. On the company’s website for filing claims, it advises that packages resulting in a claim are often in boxes that are too large or too small, providing poor cushioning, improperly placed labels, and unclear delivery instructions.

This poster is not alone in having packages destroyed by the parcel carrier. Another customer says she mailed a package containing a $700 air conditioner that was damaged in delivery to its intended buyer, and was then shipped back and forth between UPS facilities before being destroyed during the process of investigating the source of damage.

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The UPS website does not offer any guidance to navigating a destroyed package, although it may present some information to customers in the claims filing process.

Viewers share similar experiences

Several viewers shared that they had similarly had valuable items lost or destroyed when they were shipped via UPS.

“Old job shipped $20k worth of original paintings and it just ‘got lost’, they were in a wooden crate,” one commenter wrote. “How do you lose that.”

“Girl, USPS ‘lost’ my wedding rings,” another wrote. “The package showed up at the repair center with tape all over it and nothing inside. They weren’t even going to tell me. The jeweler did.”

“I ordered one of those keepsake services where you send your loved ones ashes and get back a beautiful art piece… my grandpa’s ashes were thrown away. I’m so sorry, I know how it feels,” one shared.

Others suggested that there may be an excellent reason why her package was damaged and destroyed, and it might not have even been the fault of UPS.

“Half the country was just demolished by tornados the past 3 days maybe it was at a hub that was destroyed,” one commenter wrote. “This may not be on ups at all.”

“My guess is maybe it came in contact with a biohazard?” another offered. “But you’d think they would say that in the notification!”

“I worked for my local ups airhub and we usually only discarded items if they came in contact with somethings that could be hazardous like chemicals being shipped or something similar,” a commenter wrote.

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