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‘Avoid Indeed and ZipRecruiter’: Remote workers of 8 years share tips to getting WFH jobs

‘I work from home. Best thing has ever happened my stress was cut in half.’


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In a viral video, TikTokers Jarrell and Jose (@planetofthejays) share some tips to help job seekers land work-from-home (WFH) work jobs.

If there’s one valuable lesson many learned during the pandemic, it is certainly the value of working remotely.

However, since the end of lockdown, many employers have demanded their employees return to the office, making it difficult to land those work-from-home gigs that were once commonplace.

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But with a video that’s amassed more than 483,000 views as of this writing, the two TikToker have some tips to share. “Jose and I have more than eight years of experience working remote jobs, even before the pandemic,” Jarrell said.

The content creator explained that the pair moved to Puerto Rico as remote workers and then quickly laid out their tips to help others land WFH jobs. Each tip is translated into “Spanglish” for users who do not understand English.

“Tip number one: Avoid large job boards like Indeed and Zip Recruiter,” the TikToker began the list.

The content creator explains these sites should be avoided because they often publish scam jobs that tend to be pyramid schemes. Instead, he suggests using FlexJobs, Working Nomads, Upwork,,,, and Simply Hired to kickstart your remote work job search.

Jarrell and Jose also have a great tip for those who lack the necessary experience that may be needed to snag a WFH job or an online gig. They recommend taking free online courses at to beef up skillsets and become more competitive in the job market.

“You can learn anything from marketing and project management and even how to code,” the TikToker says.

In the comments, the creators dropped even more gems about landing remote work jobs and also offered words of support to their followers.

I’m looking for a remote job that doesn’t require me speaking to anyone, one user commented.

“Here’s how to find remote jobs the introvert edition,” the creators responded, along with a link. In the second video, they shared tips about WFH jobs for shy people.

“What about resume recommendations to raise the probability of getting hired?” another user asked.

Jarrell and Jose responded with yet another video in which they offer resume guidance.

“I literally just gave my two weeks notice to my job with nothing else laid out. Con dios!” read one worried comment, to which the TikToker’s responded with encouragement. “Let us know if you have any questions along the way.”

Other users also touted the benefits of remote work.

“I work from home,” one person disclosed. “Best thing has ever happened my stress was cut in half.”

As the tug-of-war between employers who want their workers to return to the office and employees who want to work remotely continues, conversations about where and how we work have exploded on social media.

One TikToker went viral after her tip about a CVS remote job that apparently paid $34 an hour while another creator raked in the views for a clip that showed what it is like to have two WFH jobs and survive two online work meetings at the same time.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jarrell and Jose via email.

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